I need help finding a new place to build

I started over again. I need a new base. I have a few requirements.

1.) Near Water (Hate wells)
2.) Iron and Brimstone near by. Not too close.
3.) Flat
4.) Trees and fiber
5.) Needs lots of silk and etc.

I plan to build a town. I want a strong defense. I’m on offline single player mode.

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North of Executioner´s Entrance. But flat, with water and strong defense… Maybe a penninsula.

I don’t think a place with all the requirement exists. The oasis north of Sepermeru has 4 out 5 of them. It just miss the silk.
Where I build my base just on the line between F5 and G5 there’s 4 out 5 too. For water you I need to go down the River, so I got a well. I like wells.:grin: But there’s ton of Iron nearby on the ridge above Skiltering cavern and brimstone inside SInner’s Refuge. It’s flat too. Lots of trees and fibers on the way to the River. And of course lots of gossamer in Skiltering Cavern with a spider queen that drops the Nemedian as a bonus.
I choose this place as good for levelling with the purpose to move elsewhere once high level. But I’m level 60 now and still there. I even upgraded my sandstone base in a beautiful Turan castle. 1st time I build Turan in a place with a bright light from the sun. I love those dark and gold colors.

Hating wells is weird. My goal for all bases: Well, maproom, Icebox. So the biggest problems at low level are gold and demon blood. Later starmetal. But wells are cheap if you put almost any named thrall in the artisan bench. I tried to live without well and ended up with two waterskins constantly on me.

This is the place I was going to suggest. It’s where I built my town. It’s close enough to Shattered Springs that brimstone won’t ever be a problem, there are plentiful iron nodes nearby, lots and lots of stone just south of Klael’s Stronghold, and a good supply of trees around the oasis, which also provides water, you can fish there, and there are some deer if you need the occasional hide or piece of meat.

For Silk, you can go to the Wine Cellar dungeon in Sepermeru if you dare. There’s a side cavern with enormous amounts of gossamer (I collect almost 2000 on a single run). The only downside is, the cavern isn’t uninhabited… but if you’re willing to fight for your silks, that cave has no equal. For smaller needs, you can loot chests in Sepermeru and dismantle the Relic Hunter clothes.

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Can someone please give me a visual on this place both map and screen shots. I lost my grandmother on Monday. I’m not mentally prepared to look this up. Sorry if that too much to ask. Right now I’m emotionally unstable.

Build in noob river on any of the streams then you can have it flow right through your village but for materials all around not to close not to far best to find a spot in the middle of the map. Singleplayer mode ou can activate the admin menu and teleport everywhere and see what fits you.

There’s a giant croc, with 3 skulls, in this nice pond.

Despawn it, he be offline mate.

Try on the riverside in F4 Just down from the waterfall near the mouth is perfect. There are tons of trees and rocks. On the Eastern side are IIRC 3 or 4 nests that respawn eggs on a pretty regular basis. Just north are dead trees to harvest for bark and go west a bit and there are IIRC think 4 Iron nodes that you can harvest then wait for them to respawn (up near the campsite at the base of one of the pillars from the shattered bridge where you can see ghosts). On the western bank is an exile camp that has a chest and is really good for harvesting corpses of stupid exiles who keep on picking on crocodiles on a semi-regular basis.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Go near the den, learn about Mitra, build Statues of Refreshment, which give you water anywhere you want. Next, choose anyplace you need, the top plain above Scavenger’s Berth near the giant spider, will give you silk and is close to iron and brimstone.

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