New solo player looking for a good camp

Hi ! I’m a new solo player and I’m trying to find a good place to build a big base.

Any ideas ? I need a flat place where I can build a nice camp.

Thanks for your suggestions, and enjoy the game !

What level are you? It really kinda changes based on what stage of the game you are in.

I’m level 30, I’m still exploring the map…

I like east of New Asgarth. It’s the large circle town in the grassy area of the map. It’s not as flat as the dessert, but no sandstorms. And you can build with insulated wood, which I prefer over stone brick.

I’ll see that very soon, thanks :wink:


At lvl 30 i would go north close to new asgarth, there are big steppes with flat area by the water and more then enough iron, stone and wood close by.

By building you will ding 40, get the thralls you need in new asgarth and you are all set:)

Remember to make kambujan shaman cold armor before you go, i think you can make it at 30.

You dont need it actually if you have 20 points in vitality, but its much more suited for the enviroment in the green zone betveen the desert and the snow.

A nother thing up there is that by staying near new asgarth you will not have to much rain.
That means stay clear of the area on the map where the green zone is a bit brown, it will rain a lot, ive been there and you get depressed by the rain after a while:)

I would say, find a nice flat spot near the water just by new asgarth and you will have acess to everything, and even end game mats and thralls.

Thanks too !

Why to look for water when we have wells? One doesn’t need ichor when building wooden Tier 3 base, so one doesn’t need much fish. By the way I like an idea to build not one huge base but some small houses inside a fence. You don’t need a great flat surface in such case. Of course this type of base is not good on PVP servers, but we don’t hare to worry about raiders in SP.

The guy asked for a flat surface…

Also, for tier 2, as he is 30 he need oil, oil from fish, ok?
Insuluated wood is recommended in the area.
Or do you go for black ice at 30?

The wells do not allways fill, therefor i usually have vater close by in case.

Fish is for oil, oil is for furnaces, insulated wood/food and even weapon uppgrades.
Thats why i said he will have everything nearby for end game, even the thralls.
He will need ichor later, why shall he moove to new location, not wery smart, but thats how i play.

Now, i answered the op`s request, if you have another better idea for base, why dont you come with your idea instead of trying to diss my post witch is exactly on-point?

Also we need walls because of the purge, it is no fun to loose important thralls in a purge, its much more fun to fight and win while your main building is safe within the walls.

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Near Mounds of the Dead is also a good spot when you’re level 30.

Lots of flat area and you could even build directly on water.

And you can ravage the camps for thralls and materials.

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