Building in Mounds of the Dead vs New Asagarth

Question about building in Tundra (Swamp?) vs Highlands.

  1. I’m assuming they are roughly the same in terms of danger during purge? Any advice you can offer in building T3 structures there? So far I’ve only experienced the purge in Desert biome, but I’m a bit worried about establishing there.

  2. Which of the two places do you recommend for building a main base? I’m very divided between the two for these reasons

=North of Mounds of the Dead=

  1. Closer to Star Metal & Black Ice
  2. From what I’ve read, has Thralls with Star Metal Weapon (Can you dismantle for Star Metal Bars?)

=North of New Asagarth=

  1. Has more named Thralls
  2. Environment looks better
  3. From what I’ve read, has Thralls with Star Metal Armor (Can you dismantle for Star Metal Bars?)

Any advice would be appreciated.

There no star metal building style, so need for “farm” of it seems weird. You get 100+ ore from one meteor. So you only need run it a few times.

Now… Bigger thing is, Do you want a close Obelisk to teleport home to. Give or take how close you are.

North of New Asgard, (which has some good thralls, and in update coming some changes) And you have Obelisk across bridge. Its not a bad spot, you have fairly safe path west honesty, and make elevator tower near the ridge, to get star metal that drops up there. Which means you can build small outpost, and slowly run stacks of it back home.

Most of purges here, have been spiders and Heirs of North. If your near Black Keep, You get wights, (blue ones)

Mounds of Dead area, Its abit safer to build near Obelisk, but path to star-metal is sabe-rcats and other things that will tear you apart if you try snail walk/roll home. And Alot of Blue Wights… THOU, deconing Cimm’s gear yields lv60 stuff.
Purge wise has been Cimm and Blue Wights.

You’ll need more black-ice then you will star metal. I tend build on east side of mountains for the “view” And i gotta snail walk home… but ice and river is fairly clear and little chance of being off’d. Its abit less populated by enemies, and black ice is “safer” get to.

If you can pump out a few map rooms, I suggest West by North of Obelisk by Frost Giants.
Black-ice everywhere, Star Metal everywhere. (don’t build south or to west of Obelisk, or you’ll have meteors coming thru your ceiling. ) (few safe spots, but you gotta watch them fall)

Then set up map rooms in South and Other spots, so you can teleport home with ease.

Thats Mostly single player or large clan.

yes, give or take if they don’t patch it.

Hmm that’s actually a good idea. Close to brimstones too!

Thanks for the tips… that cleared up a whole bunch of things for me :slight_smile:

Why not both?

I already have a base in the desert and I really don’t want to juggle three bases. I’ve tried that on other server and while it’s “easy” to maintain all three bases it’s pretty annoying to make sure I stop by all bases every few days.

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