Where should I build my base?

Hello Im wondering where should I build my base?

If you check the west side of the savanna at the center of the map (it’s a named location that I cannot remember off the top of my head: I can tell you it’s immediately west of the Ruins of al-Merayah), there’s a nice spot that’s good for base construction. I generally like to plop bases within easy distance of the thrall camps, where I don’t have to travel a great distance to get new minions. That would be a ‘later in the game’ base, though. There’s a few solid spots along the southern river that would be good for a starting base (despite the lack of iron).

There is no wrong place. Find a spot that has whatever resource or activity interests you and go to town. Keep it basic at first because you’re gonna do some exploring eventually which probably means switching spawn locations. Or if you just want to build an epic castle, by all meana then build an epic castle! It’s basically Minecraft for grown ups.

You can always build a super-base in a pretty or practical location and then a mini-base such as for smelting iron closer to the actual resource.

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That’s exactly what I do. I mean…my little chain of bases on the river ain’t exactly ancient Egypt, but I keep telling myself it is…

The more I play, the more fond I am of the 4x4 build. And then just add a 4x4 room to that if necesary, maybe another 4x4 on top of that…

That’s a solid strategy, and it saves on binging for resources to keep up construction.

Also it depends if you are on a pvp server or a pve one and if you are playing solo or in a clan. Lots of nice hidden spots if you want to build your base of a pvp server and not be noticed.

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