Discoverable Map Icons for Attuned Obelisks

It seems odd (incongruous even) that with map markers for non-essentials like scenic views and such that 10 of the most important locations in game don’t have discoverable map markers: OBELISKS!

So how about it, can we get free map markers for obelisks to which we have attuned?

One benefit is that we’ll finally have an established name for the Sepermeru / Set / Klael’s / Brimstone obelisk that no one can agree upon. :wink: Another is that the OCD/perfectionists among us will have 10 of our precious custom map markers restored to us.


Seeing as this was inspired at least in part by my bumbling attempt to describe just where the “Sepermeru obelisk” is, I can only say I fully support this suggestion!


Yes please. You know Larathiel I orginally raised this idea in my first suggestions list waaaay back. You know back when men were men, and women were women, and it was a whole one week until christmas 2018.

> 10. Obelisks are Marked on the Map after Discovery:

Yes I know I could simply add my own marker. However, I feel that obelisks are important points of reference, and should have there location marked on the map like any point of interest post discovery.

But I certainly dont mind, I just want to see it happen. Im glad to see it has found a new proponent. Such a simple and easy to implement Quality of Life improvement surely(?). And coming from a guy with OCD who mutters to himself every time an update resets the map markers, Im keen. I hope second time is a charm for both our sakes.


Yeah that’s the issue with suggestions lists, they’re really hard to keep track of or search for :slight_smile:

Wait, we’re supposed to search thru previous suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I feel like the devs should have a public Trello board for us to vote on suggestions too…


While that would be great, I feel like they probably don’t wanna create the impression that they’re going to implement the most popular ones first (or at all). Which, if so, is… probably for the best.

Yeah probably, some suggestions are a lot easier or more in keeping with the design aesthetic than others. For instance, “filling in the NE section of the map” and “mounts” would probably have a ton of votes even though they are technically infeasible.

A curated list would probably work, but given the dev/mod team’s limited time, they’d probably have to farm that out to community members (similar to how the wiki is community-driven).

I would like to see obelisks and public map rooms added to the maps and god altars removed from the map.

Yeah for PvE being able to see maprooms would be really nice. Also in PvE, the only benefit of seeing temples is to know where large bases are; most of the time they’re just visual clutter. I’m assuming the reason T3 temples are so visible is because of PvP and their ability to create god tokens/bubbles. :man_shrugging:

Great suggestion! As for the suggestion about suggested additions to a trello suggestion board, I have suggested the exact same suggestion before to an official in a pm. :rofl: Even the curated part, having Funcom control what can be voted on.

Basically the response I got from my pm was that with the nature of development and new features they do not want to be forced to commit to certain things and due to unforeseen issues and bugs disappoint the players that voted by delaying features or worse. They have mentioned this suggestion voting thing several times in their meetings.

I still think it could work though. IMHO.


Yeah I think it would be a great idea to have them on the trello too. However that said I do understand the dilemma. Some users would take it as a given, and then likely go to pieces if Funcom were to say: sorry but its just too difficult to implement. Although I do so wish they would update us on the status/probability of some of these happening now and then. For the sake of an example, Armour Display Mannequins and Musician thralls. It would be nice if they said ‘dont get your hopes up on this one’, or ‘there is a good possibility of them, but we have other issues to attend to first’ wherever possible. I mean in the case of the Armour Mannequins its been a yer now, and (almost) no official word on them.


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