Map room useability improvement "idea"

Hello there.

I know it is a shame but I keep using the bad spots on the map room after 300 hours ingame. Imagine a relatively fresh player’s confusions than… :smiley:

Can we get a clearer picture on 2 things?

  1. unfound beacon locations. (in exchange to the bracelet not attuned text) can we have a “indicator” where to find it? Like the name of the place where it is locating, so when we are physically there and “explore” we could possibly know if there is a teleport beacon in that general area.
    And/or maybe a colorless or “red colored” light beam indicating where we would end up if that particular beacon were found already.

  2. When selecting an attuned beacon I am sometimes having a hard time to understand where I will be teleported.
    Even after 300 hours ingame, and with “precisely” aligned maproom (I mean the map’s north position is facing north exactly)
    And still sometimes I keep using the wrong teleport button. Ending up at the next beacon where I really wanted to go…
    So can we get a text with the name of the place along with the lightbeam just for clarification/better understanding please?

Thank you.

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First thing is probably a little bad, as this whole thing is about exploration.
There is one hint though - someone else said it’s a shame, but it’s actually valuable to know.
Most of those obelisks are in places for bosses or dungeons.

Like at village with braga with that kingslayer recipes near, at frost temple, at black keep, above undead dragon, above dregs-entrance, inside unnamed city (in front of the entrance to maproom recipe)… The only obelisk I found which wasnt tied to some dungeon/group stuff was the one at set city. Then only 3 are missing, which are all located in swungle (2) and in volcano (1).

Once one found 1-2 obelisks, the pattern is being clear more or less…
At least if one isnt such an airhead like me… :joy:

I didnt check the description of the placable. A line telling us, that those destinations lead us to great victories or rather dangerous encounters…
Or some book/letter lying around there, from some npc which has left long ago. (or never, showing a skeleton nearby)

Actually there are those effects. There are different colored beams when hovering above those teleporting things. And sounds as well - the frost temple one being the most clear. But a name along this would be great as well. At least on testlive singleplayer that is fixed and works as intended.

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I know these. It may become natural after a dozen usage of the maproom, I just try to think as a “neewbbb” here.
I mean the more clear something is the more usefull for everyone. Including ppl who just created one and know not much about the map itself.
So it is more of a quality of life thing, than anything else.

Also yeah I AM currently have all the beacons open. :smiley:
But 40% of them was hunted down from youtube videos… instead of real clues ingame. you see?

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Hm. Sure.
This is why I dont dislike it in general, but I think world markers would be bad.
So I suggested eighter a line or two on the maproom description itself or some paper lying nearby that archivar.
Another option would be to make those obelisks an physical thing on the maprooms - or just on the original maproom.

As for my myself… I stumbled upon them when I was doing black keep, frost temple, ran past that undead dragon hole and such. The ones which have been missing were dregs and set city I think. And those in new biomes.

Then some book/letter telling us about the locations or them being physically there on the maproom would suffice, wouldnt it?

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yeah any clue… would do.
I just tried to be reasonal here, don1t ruin it buddy :smiley: :smiley:

Didnt mean to, sorry!

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Just kidding, no need to sorry, they do what they wanna do anyways. :smiley:

But I am serious now: The more and clearer options we have the better in my opinion.

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