Teleporting around the map

Good day all, I am new here so don’t know if this has been discussed yet.

Could the map room have links to other maps rooms so you can teleport to them? example: you would build map room at your main base, then build new base at another location with map room and be able to “warp” to it, also have it limited to 4 bases and also have each a different colour to tell them apart.

Could this be done and what do others think about this?

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I can understand the concern about ista-travel around the map, allow me to expand my thought on this matter.

You would still have to travel to an area and build a base there and build a map room with all the demon blood needed this is not an instant set up and would require lots of time and material to get it done.
Also being limited to just a few map rooms would make travel a requirement to get supplies.

I suppose you could just build a base near an obelisk then insta travel that way?

By your last sentence I think you play PVP?..some, like my self do PVE, so maybe this could be a PVE only thing, although I don’t know if this can be done with programing?
maybe someone can make a mod?

I’d just like for players to be able to teleport back to their home base (i.e. Bed) rather than just obelisks. On PvE servers, this would greatly open up the map to building anywhere as opposed to most players crowding around popular areas.

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i want a personal obelisk myself.
(to set in yard) Most of my “home” locations are in ■■■-end of no were, so often have walk back… it be nice to get home quickly, and use local map room head to nearst spot.


I would LOVE this, and it would look nicer than simply popping out at your bed. Nice suggestion!

Im not sure if it would be a difficult feature to implement or not, but I had always though it would be great if we could place an additional Obelisk at our home base (even if we only got the one). I know of a few people who just just use suicide as a means of fast travel, and remove the braclet so that they can get home faster.

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Yep we have this in mods

So it would not be hard to implement.

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Yeah I use the bracelet when I have spots with duplicate gear or need to make repeated trips (i.e. grabbing deployed thralls when moving a base). But it sure would be nice to be able to teleport home with all my gear still on me while living far from an obelisk.

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Used that mod before in single-player and loved it. Would love it more if Officials has something similar.

I have items drop on death, so killing myself isnt best idea to get home with items. XD

he he he he

no its not lol but it sure is handy on servers that let you keep your inventory on death hahaha. Farm up a godly amount of goods and then instantly back home.

This suggestion make me think… Because I agree with @zerog but also with @Sera67.

I think all will be good with just 2 more standard obelisks: one near Chaos Mouth, would be great for reaching The Den and the savannah, the other in the area near Black Galleon.

Each other area of the map wich is not well-served by obelisks is also poor in valuable resources, so the only mean to etablish a base there is TO BE far from obelisks, and that have to be this way.

My home is east of Telith Island (really great flat land with most of resources near by)

But nothing close to teleport to…

I use to live by Great Dam(near empty tower) but Funcom decided to put Heirs of North here…and boy did i get a surprise on log in that patch.

Good spots, but no way to them. I like living near water…most of other good spots just do not have water or trees.

Tempted to live near Dagons eye… then gotta take darn elevator up and down…

Off from Mounds be nice, but at night all I see is lighting wights out windows. XD

To Cold by Black keep

Theres no, “prefect” spot to be happy in single player. XD

Actual surprised great Dam never got a Obelisk, there is empty tower there… (thou I would hate losing that as a home…)

I see Telith Island as one of the “regions poor of valuable resources” that players, in multiplayer and pvp choose for the reason it’s far from obelisk and capitals, so if someone go there is for some reason and not “I was using pass that way”.

Don’t miserunderstand me: it’s full of wood, stone and iron, good water access etc. but the 80-90% of the map have the same conditions.

There’s not black ice or starmetal, like in the western regions of the north, no brimstones like in the south, no gold or silver like in the jungle… and it’s far from faction capitals to find good thralls (except for archers, that area is full of them :thinking:)

Let me say: nothing special to live there except being far from more wanted places (wich could be a good reason to live there !).

Anyway an obelisk near Black Galleon could serve Telith Island as well: there are passages from desert to telith Island region, or you can just place an elevator from the Pocket.

EDIT: sorry it was a reply to @Sera67 but I misclicked and now I’m unable to delete it as post and reposting it as reply :frowning:

It doesn’t lack to much honestly, By time I move there, back stock of stuff, and most of stuff I come home with fills assorted missing parts. the reason to live the house. Every-time I head out and back, I got what i need.

Short trek north, (with few enemies) for black ice and ice.
I have my elevator down from cliffside, its also a spot with few enemy spawns. No random wolf at front door, no random elk/kuda who wont mind his own business. No growing Rhinos. No players in my damn yard.

I can go south by sliding down, or slightly west and thru pathway. Its a visually pleasing spot, that leads to most of map, with out map room… just not fun get back to. XD

To me… thou I like the woods, I like the how it all looks.

Like I mention, I can go not to far from Mounds of Dead for same effect… just so many mobs out there, thralls always killing damn elk or wolf. Always that one animal outside window making noises. LOL
Theres 100% better spots “gameplay” wise… to me its best spot outside that.

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