Quick Travel: map room recall point

On PvE servers, allow members to “lock in” a single agreed-upon clan map room teleport choice to be able to recall to from any other map room, but only one. (It was pointed out to me that this would be a BAD thing on PvP servers, which I don’t play on.)

Rationale: Obelisk travel is cumbersome and there should be a definite perk for placing a maproom, especially when you provide it for your server mates to use. Walking everywhere takes up a lot of play time, time better spent having fun.

Some players seem concerned about this idea being implemented on pvp servers. I can understand that, so maybe this should be a PvE server ONLY feature.

You just said my thought on this.

Little help: Use PvP battle-flag and you can port with your gear (not with a thrall) to your bed or bedroll.

When you die in active PvP mode, you respawn with your gear. But you can also suicide in active PvP mode and then respawn at your bed, bed-roll or in the desert with your gear (not your thrall).

Best tip: Build next to an obelisk :wink:

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