Two-way Obelisks & the Cartographer's Map Room

Various people keep on suggesting to make Obelisks two-way teleporters, and some of them want to make Map Room in the Unnamed City functional. But it is not obvious where should Obelisks send you, is it? So maybe they should send you to the Cartographer himself? And his Map Room would function just as any other map room crafted by players. Of course first you must visit the Cartographer and learn his religion and then use Obelisks to return to the Unnamed city. Players would have some kind of transfer station from one Obelisk to another. By the way I would make “a peaceful zone” there in his room - no campers, no easy PKs, but maybe some corruption stacking at this area just like near all the Obelisks.

I doubt that two way would even work. Being able to teleport from obelisk to obelisk would be a doable thing though, it would “simply” require a window to select the location where one wants to go to.

Making the archivars original maproom a functional one would be great though!

Then again making people not build at obelisks anymore…
Sole way I see to enforce this is by creating hard caps on the number of built foundations, fencefoundations and pillars.
A no pvp zone at the spawn points of these would be plenty though. Though it’s totally possible that people would pick as much as possible and move themselves to one of these areas if they are getting raided. … So actually… no pve zone around obelisks on pvp please…

For a two-way obelisk, I’d suggest keeping it simple. Let players long-press E on an obelisk, and then be presented with the option to teleport back to the maproom (singular, i.e. you can only be bound to one at-a-time, just like with beds) to which they have previously bound themselves.

To facilitate this, add a “bind to this maproom” option when players long-press E on a maproom owned by their clan for PvP & PvE-C modes, or to any player-created maproom at all for PvE. Note, that the options to destroy or pick-up a maproom should probably be relocated into a submenu to prevent accidental removal.

This would enable people to have more of a home-base attachment without opening ourselves up to Skyrim levels of fast-travel cheese. Plus, it would add an interesting strategic element to raid defense: players would need to determine which of their bases they want to bind to, and attackers might do well to employ scouts to disable the ability of defenders to rapidly teleport home. (Hell, could always pull the “You cannot fast travel while enemies are nearby.” schtick if there are hostile players are within a few foundations of the destination maproom.)


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