Make Obelisk bidirectional for the sake of server integrity and fairness

While I know funcom may have had some hangups with fast travel, I think for fairness and server integrity the Obelisks need to be bidirectional, they should take us back to the last Map Room we used as long as it still exist.

The issue is, at this point it seems since most people and clans want bidirectional travel, everyone seems to be building a Map Room near the Obelisk, but of course they want a base to secure it, from purge or whatever so now there are so many enormous bases near so many Obelisk, plus players often lock these Map Rooms a way (Map Rooms may be so large to deter that) so everyone and their brothers build one.

This just clutters the areas specifically made to be high traffic, beyond the three bases which are already near a particular Obelisk near me, there is now a base between me and it that is so enormous that I either have to climb it’s high walls to cross or walk all the way around which is a bit of a pain.

If the Obelisks were two way I don’t think people would feel Obligated to build Map Rooms near them and by extension bases near them, they’d know they could leave via Obelisk, and as such give more freedom to placing bases, i.e. place your base wherever you want and simply use your map room to get to an Obelisk and the Obelisk to get back…

but since they’re not, it makes these locations prime real estate so huge clans all build bases all in the same area near them taking up vast areas making it harder for solo players or newer players to traverse or compete since we all must use these area if we want to fast travel.

I think players should be encouraged to build wherever they want, lack of resources in certain areas already force players away from those areas, one way Obelisk further force players to those area and again away from those lacking areas.


This is why you destroy said map room that’s not yours. There is no way I would want a troll to be able to do this. Bombs endless amount for quick and easy transport just as easy with a God coin no thanks

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That is only possible on PVP Servers, I was specifically talking about PVE. Since of course there are different rules for PVE vs PVP this would be one of those


While as stated the simple solution would be this is just a PVE rule similar to the fact that you can’t destroy a map room… it seems this would actually negate trolling on PVP so I’d have to hear why it wouldn’t. As it is now you have to build near and Obelisk to use fast travel easier, but if you didn’t have to then your base could be anywhere so said troll couldn’t really get bombs back to you any easier… unless you were near the Obelisk which would be your choice at that point

The only place without decent access to a obelisk is the newbie area. Also whats wrong with just building a second map room to get back to base from your favorite farming spot?


I don’t think you read what I wrote, access only becomes a problem when EVERYONE IS BUILDING second, third, and fourth Map Rooms. if you have six enormous bases around an Obelisk that is what takes away from access, people only build bases and map rooms near Obelisk because they are not bidirectional.

As it stands having an enormous base built between your base and the Obelisk makes it harder for you to traverse. In fact I went to put down a fish trap IN BETWEEN two traps I’ve had for weeks and was told “This land is claimed” which is another problem in itself, but the point is if you could use the Obelisk for travel, people would not CLUTTER up space near every Obelisk and force you walk around large bases, climbs over tall walls… or currently force you out of your own land claims.


Then they should just make it so you cant build near the obelisks. Being able to travel both ways would make the game way too easy. Atleast now it requires a bit more supplies to be invested.

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This could raise a whole new issue, where griefers camp near obelisks and wait for people to use them as they will be a very convenient way to travel. Also there is an issue in the game, where your character can teleport near the obelisk before your loading screen finishes the process, making your body vulnerable until your game loads. In this case, the best way to deal with this is to raid their map rooms so the big clans back out of the area. Their structures will despawn after 6 days if they don’t visit them!

Well that is a non issue as griefers can do this ALREADY, they can even camp your bases, however that is MORE of a PROBLEM NOW… you stated it yourself, coming TO an Obelisk you are defenseless while loading, outgoing you could actually SEE them camping and avoid OR rally your forces against them…

So in fact, it would actually HELP alleviate griefing, as people would be going to Obelisk and see campers and perhaps deal with them, as it is now you are only going to run into those campers when loading and being surprised, so if it not happening much already it would happen even less after bidirectional implementation.

All that said they could always turn it off for PVP servers, as my concern as stated is PVE where we have no ability to remove or destroy clutter, but from everything it seems like it would only help in PVP as well.

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I get what you’re saying but the issue is people will always build as close as possible if it’s one way regardless, and in a building game there is only so far you can disallow building so that wouldn’t really ease the problem but would give us less building area.

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Nah, PvP RAWR. I build where I want.

Terrible plan, map rooms are one of the coolest features in this game. You want us to gain corruption while trying to pick a location and get rekt at the same time? Craziness.

well to be fair if you want to be able to deal with said people you can always switch to pvp. Because 99% of changes applies to both pvp and pve. On the pvp server i play on no one builds next to a obelisk. There is no obelisk close enough to resources to need a direct line to teleport back to base. so why not just build close to the things you wish to gather with a map room and poof your back home.

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I have no idea what you are talking about… are you thinking this thread is about replacing map rooms with Only the Obelisk? that would be crazy, reread the topic that’s not it

How would forcing someone to switch their gameplay be fair? that would be very unfair the point of having PVE servers is so this that don’t want to play against other players don’t have to. Again PVP servers have different settings from
PVE so the simple solution is this could be one among many such settings

Im saying that because, while pve should be a good game mode. Many other people play it just like pvp except for the fact that no one can destroy your stuff. This means claiming super large areas, building in spots that no one would even think of touching in a pvp server. Purposefully constricting others peoples space by building around them etc. Thus many people who try to play it as they should cant. this also ends up with huge changes that are trying to fix a aspect of pve but makes pvp even more annoying.

The way I see it is this. The “fast travel” system works just fine the way it is. The fact that people build private map rooms on a PvE server is greedy and childish. And to have more then one map room around an Obelisk is overkill, and again greedy as I would assume it is because people want THEIR clan name “out their” over others.

The only change I would make to the “fast travel” system is to make a player invulnerable till his or her first controller input. This change helps both PvP and PvE as both players and creatures/monsters lay in wait to murder a player as they come through. To be killable while you are still stuck in a loading screen is the single worst mechanic in this game so far.


While I agree with this statement, I can’t agree that we or funcom should just throw their hands up and say, “well this is just the way it is, so the current fast travel system is fine”. The whole point of this thread is it would help curtail those greedy intentions, the other option is to leave the greedy people to make things worse on the entire community.

That effects everyone, unpleasant experiences lead people to leaving the game, that leads to less and ultimately no support for a game, which leads to servers being completely shut down and thus the game ending, so anything that curtains bad behaviour, greed, griefing and poor experience should not just be looked into but a priority.

I will say I agree on the invulnerability, been planning to post on that as well just haven’t had the time

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I play primarily on PvP where we just blow up the issue.
However when I first started I started on PvE. And I have to say that we didn’t have this issue on that server.
Being that everyone’s playstyle is different even among the same game modes, that also means that every server you visit will have a different meta and environment. I can understand that this is an issue in your server, and I can assure you that your server isn’t the only one, however I know for fact that not every server is like this. Also talking to your neighbors helps because a lot of people don’t realize they are inconveniencing someone else untill you let them know. I have found that most people in this game community are willing to work with you if only you let them know it’s an issue (nicely). There is no need to change a core game mechanic based on just a few servers when the greater whole of the community do not have this issue. I urge you talk to those blocking your way first before pushing for game changing mechanics.

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True there are plenty of servers where players have built “public” map rooms. :slight_smile: