Make Obelisk bidirectional for the sake of server integrity and fairness


They absolutely should change a core game mechanic if it stops people from enjoying and by extension playing a game.

These games aren’t free. Funcom is a business, it needs to make MONEY, if they don’t they either go out of business or at the least let the game that’s not making them money die

There is NO PROOF that bi-directorial will hurt anyone in any way as it’s never been done. If it does after they try it, then it can be changed again, switched off, removed. All we know is it IS hurting people now, so why not try it? Just because some people THINK it may be worse, well trying is the only way to be sure.

An OTHER SERVERS is a non issue as there is no way to TRANSFER my character, structures, and possessions to another server.

All you can do is start over from scratch, first of all, who wants to start over after weeks of work, and if you do start on a new server how do you know someone new won’t come to that server and give you the SAME EXACT PROBLEMS, you can’t.

Now, yes if Funcom adds some intricate way to save all my structures so I can move them to a new server where they can predetermined collision and space availability that would help, but that seems WAY more difficult than simply making locations less valuable, or more to the point making most locations equal in value, which is how it should be.


I have a REALLY hidden base. No youtuber has ever covered it, it is REALLY hard to get to the place where it is located (it is not one of those glitch under textures cheat base). The only way anyone will ever know that it is there is if they plant a surveilance bug on my character.
This allows me to raid ppl and not be retaliated as i have 7 fake bases and only one hidden real one.
Still there is a chance someone will bump into me running to the spot and will follow me all the way to see where it is located, it is a slim chance, but it exists. If they allow bi-directional teleportation that will mean that I am free to do whatever I want and never fear that my base gets raided in return. I just tp to the map room I have there every time and noone will ever know.
While this is a really good situation for me I doubt it is really fair and it eliminates any kind of real competition.


I agree with the OP. I actually had suggested something similar in a thread about limiting building. It seems much of the problem with maps being covered in buildings that cant be destroyed on pve or pve-c is because people feel they need to build near each resource they need to use. This is fairly common, part of the reason people do this is there is no fast way to move about and they dont want to run for 30-60 minutes to get something.

I have always felt the solution was to make the obelisk 2 way travel. Keep it locked behind the map room tech, so no one can fast travel until they have a map room. Make the map room a bind or atune item. Once you have bound or attuned to that maproom you can travel to that maproom from an obelisk. It would not make it available to people who dont go through the level grind and getting demon blood, but it would prevent small bases from popping up near every obelisk just to make more map rooms.

If you allow dragging a thrall through it then you can even eliminate all those bases right next to every camp or city. People wont need to build them because they can bring the thrall back to their base and wheel of pain. People wont feel the need to make 6 bases so they have access to each resource since they can go out and get it and come back in a decent amount of time.

Combine this with a no build area around the obelisk so people cant block one off and you eliminate most of the clutter.

I doubt anyone would complain about a few seconds of corruption on the way back to their base, especially since they probably have a dancer in their base.

We need to make sure you cant just teleport from obelisk to obelisk though a map room needs to be involved to keep it requiring the high level building.


Obelisks could just take you to another, randomly selected


The problem with that is that it makes it so people can travel before having access to a map room and could land someone in an area that is instant death due to their level and gear (hot/cold) with no way to recover their body. I also cant think of any function it would really serve other than to troll people.

  • Once in a dangerous environment - use the obelisk again
  • If you’re being chased, you don’t have to worry about them teleporting after you
  • If path from the obelisk blocked - try another one


FIRST, I’ve stated MANY MANY MANY Times, this could be a setting only for PVE, as you can not destroy structures blocking the Obelisk paths in PVE and that is what’s causing the problem, it makes me think you didn’t even read the posts before interjecting an opinion.

However again the rules can be an ARE different for PVE and PVP servers, so the rule for PVP servers can simply be, if you use and Obelisk it puts the Map Room your returned to on the Player Map for 5 minutes to anyone on the server or even only those within X distance from you when you do it.

Then you have the choice use the Obelisk and have your Map Room revealed for 5 minutes or if hiding is your concern do what you’ve always done, walk.

These are not such hard problems to figure out or solve but we don’t even really know if they are real problems yet, as I’ve stated just things you THINK may be a problem.


I’m thinking what you are failing to understand is that people are people. And even with the ability to go both ways on an obelisk people will still be asshats. Instead of map rooms around them it will be full blown basses. Why make a map room when you can just travel via obelisk? Boom base goes right here.
If people on your server are as much of an asshats as you are suggesting in the original post then it doesn’t matter the mechanic. It will be exploited to their benefit. You will never solve the problem of asshats. There is no mechanic in history that can fix that.
So really your only option is to talk to the maproom owners and encourage them to either make it public or move it to leave an open path.
Change servers.
PvE servers work best when you can get everyone on it on the same page and talking to one another.


You understand the issue and I agree with you wholeheartedly.