PVE and Obelisk Maprooms


I play on a couple of Official servers. When I first started on each, I noticed one clan or another would have a publically accessible maprooms near an obelisk to perpetuate ease of travel. After all, no one is really competing, it’s PVE.

On my main server, I have taken over all the maprooms to include a fountain and a dancer. I’ve been active on the server for 2+ years and, as maprooms decay, I would move in and place one to make certain I had a way to port around the map. On this server I also bridged the Priest King’s Retreat and the Breach, creating an open, publically available, unbroken way to travel from the Southern Aqueduct to the Great Dam. Additionally, I provided ease of access to several other areas that, at one time, I frequented enough that the annoyance of travel overcame my basic laziness.

I had abandoned the secondary server. I was not enjoying the build to block strategy employed by several clans, ceded my clan and base to a newer player, and lay down in an out of the way ditch. When I returned a year plus later, the server was much the same, but I had learned how a collaborative server worked and decided to stay small.

And then I found a clan established near The Frost Temple with a locked away maproom.


So, now, I am establishing public maprooms at all obelisks, slowly.

Serious question. Why lock away a maproom on a PVE server?

I play the game to build, and I’m not competing, so I make a conscience decision to collaborate.

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Rules changes with doors, and they never been back up there to notice. XD

Random clan mate did it… no one has noticed.

They pretty much open it and do there thing, and likely never noticed. If rest are unlocked, likely just a mistake… or simply they don’t know about what can be taken by others.

Or one day they found frost giants inside… and werent in mood to share no more.

Unfortunately , some people just want to watch the world burn … I play on PVE-C , and even if there is a bit more “competition” , we still have a strong sense of community and " fair-play " , this means letting a new player fully experience the game ( if he choose to ) therefore we have " secured " by placing at each obelisk a community maproom , this way no one can wall it in , or at least if they try you still can tp out while the report we ( all the old clans that have fought for the well being of our server ) will all send individualy is processed . to be noted : since we “secured” most of the important areas , there is very few “reports” we have sent . But i can still tell you that walling an obelisk is severe enough to send a report of it and if you chat with the blocking clan , and they make it obvious it’s for “trolling” ( cause sometimes it may happen that they are just unaware / or as Sera67 said think they are in full pvp situation and have to act like this after having watch a video on youtube ) then add some screenshots of this chat with your report , it will help a lot your case :wink:

for the part of locked away maproom ( well this is not nice , but nothing forces people to share their maproom , if the obelisk and/or frost temple is walled off , then it’s another deal , but if it’s just their personnal maproom they can do what ever they want , than I suggest to build a community one (not to close to their base for purge proximity reasons ) but not to far from the obelisk :wink:

welcoming new players , and being pro active in social interactions making fun events ect will also help since the more “friends” you make , the more everyone will want to “protect” the server they have fun on .

a small example of event since god summons are a bit useless in PVE/PVE-C , I use them to kill a boss outside pvp hours and invite everyone that would want to see a summoning ( pretty rare on PVE PVE-C ) to meet , and we end up with 90% to the full server in the same place , then fun part is that after , since we are all together in the same place , naturally we start to roam the map all together and wreck havoc as a server on those poor npc/bosses ect… :wink:


Some people enjoy traveling and exploring without seeing highway 66 or the longest horizontal elevator in history scarring the landscape. You may think you are doing people a favor but you are not. On a previous server I was on (PVE-C) we had one individual who took it upon himself to build roads and bridges everywhere. I resented it and so did a lot of others on the server. After all, this isnt City life, its the wilds of the exile lands. Building map rooms is different. Everyone benefits, and they dont scar the landscape so much. I am just saying, you may think you are doing all a favor by bridging and building across the map, but not everyone thinks and plays like you do.


Walling off a maproom on PvE? Selfish I think?
I’ve never understand players in PvE playing like it PvE-c or PvP.

Fences against other players is a big problem in PvE it only serves the purpose of griefers and I still don’t understand why in PvE(NOT C) fences still deal damage to players…

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well the thing about public community maprooms, is that they don’t only offer easy travel back , but they secure the fact that if you tp from your maproom you spend time to built and include to your base (since it’s a massive object) , then you can be sure you won’t tp to a boxed-in obelisk with no way of escaping but to remove your bracelet and lose your gear …

it’s a feature of the game , and I understand people that prefer not to use it , and like traveling the old fashion way , but for those who don’t you cannot just say that it’s a pain , just don’t use them ( but i understand that it’s so convinient that often people who complain about them still use them , but those people never teleported to a walled in obelisk in the first place and wouldn’t know the feeling ? )

when I speak about securing , I am not seaking about long roads 66 , even if I prefer them to walling i do dislike over extensive roads . But sometimes servers have more history and backgroung about greifer than others .

for instance , it’s not a road per say but after a griefer walled in the hole north region of sepemeru to mounds of the dead , with my clanmates treehouse on a part , and a small water house a little bit further inside the wallings (done in 1 night for the fundations then the walls were erected in the course of a week ) and finaly got the punishment he merited , my clanmate had a scar , and he then decided to make a path from the treehouse to the waterhouse , so that it’s harder for someone to wall it in . okay it’s about 200 meters apart from each other , and doesn’t bother anyone . but It made me understand ( yet not forgive ) the people that built roads … and that you just need one toxic ( and inteligent planning and waiting for the right moment ) player to potentially ruin a server . hence having planned some defensive structures in key areas with public maprooms , is more a good thing in my opinion than a bad … I get that it stripes a little of the exploration in some sense . but you decided to play in a multiplayer environement so you will always encounter situations caused by others … but I rather have a road than a block … and of course have a natural environement than a road … but sometimes you can’t have both …

Pretty much this. However, whenever one plays online, one needs to accept that other people play online too. Maybe someone else already built their home in that giant jungle tree you wanted for yourself. Maybe someone else just killed the world boss you went to fight. Maybe someone else just collected all brimstone from the Shattered Springs as you needed more brimstone.

Live and let live.


Some players suggested using something like wow’s heartstone. I disagreed with it at first, but thought it might be good for pve© and maybe pve but not pvp.

Does a clan really need to build its base around an obelisk? Does your opinion change with heartstones?

Sorry I have never played WOW. I probably just committed a sacrilege by admitting that…lol.

No, but they seem to love to build all around them for some reason. I get building a maproom near one, but then for some reason, probably wanting to be seen, the theme park builders move in and build all kind of structures in the area.

Knowing that the OP means well, I was trying to be as gentle as possible, and still make a point. I may have failed.



I have yet to play on a highly populated server, but I’ve seen what you mean.

well this is their right… noone also tells u in pve that u must have open maprooms or bases…

(do not misunderstand me) i am a player that i have most obelisks (along with another helping clan in my server) with open maprooms , dancers and ofc (for most of them safe places where any player can log out!!!)… they even have some extra little thingie to encourage solo play and i personally eased my personal way to skelos well so much that i really believe that very - very few players on my server remember the original way to the well there…

But it is ones right to select if his base will be open or not… i salute the ones that really open up maprooms and makes things easier to all, but i also respect the ones that choose to close their base behind walls…

After all its pve… no competition is on… so if one wants to enclose his builds , its up to him… :smiley:

(the post is my personal opinion ofc and i mean no disrespect in OP’s opinion)

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The community on my server disagree.

You are, of course, welcome to your opinion, as am I.

well , he haven’t seen the roads , as far as we know it may be very pretty and no one could call it “ugly” or "disgracious to the eye " , and therefore not hate them :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway when I hate something i try to speak it out directly to the ones concerned ( it might not resolve anything but staying silent sure won’t )

“not all gamers?”

Yeah, I won’t be participating in that conversation.


Ya, I’m not a fan of Land Bridges or Sky elevators… Or massive walks ways so people dont have to go up and down hill both ways.

It all off putting lore / rp wise. More so cause of how it looks. If there was like proper rafters/griders/rope bridges and other things that could fill in spots… I wouldnt mind it as much.

People tend to go “We could use a bridge here!” They instead +1 idea several times and add crafting stations, fireplace etc… and just make it tacky. XD


I also prefer public maprooms. Some people just prefer to keep it private i guess.

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