Locking away the maproom on PvE servers is beyond me

Seriously whats up with people on PvE servers wall in their maproom? I am pretty sure those people appreciate using other peoples maproom as well for getting back to their base quickly or moving around the map in general.
There is one guy building next to the obelisk at the upper staging area in the swamp. He had the room in the open an i used it. Now he walled it in. Why? I doubt he builds several other maprooms around the map and rather uses the one from other people.
Its very convenient for everyone!!! that you can use other maprooms. This is PvE and not PVP.
So please be helpful players and leave it open to everyone.
I have my maproom accessable for everyone. I even put a sign “Maproom” on my building. The maproom is on top and you can use the elevator.

I am also glad that there are people who are helpful and build a maproom for everyone. There is actually someone who build a nice pyramid with the maproom inside. Some Dancers and a well right next to the unnamed city. You can refill your water and get rid of the nasty corruption.

heh, it is their maproom, they can lock you out if they wish so. simply because it is PVE it doesn’t mean that all people would be happy to share and the community is one big happy family. craft your own map room and place it for public use. if they were blocking important resources or anything, I could understand but this is you acting entitled, sorry to say.

Have to agree with Narelle

It’s their maproom, and they can do what they want with it - some people might want to have one open to the public - some don’t.

Create some more and place them around - 1 rule about Conan i’ve learned, is never rely on other peoples creations! I’ve died many times trusting that a map room would be there and it wasn’t :smiley:

As others have said he can close off if he likes. Perhaps you came across it before he finished his final building design.
But It could simply be that he wants to make it more secure against purges.
Alternatively other players may have abused the openness of the building and caused his thralls/pets to be killed and now he’s taking steps to prevent that.
(Personally I’ve made mine open access, but live and let live.)

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Honestly I don’t understand why are you so agry.

For example on the server we play our clan and other elder clans of the server agree to build one public maproom near each obelisk (except the one in Unnamed City).

Actually our clan have 7 public maprooms, but also 6 closed maprooms and some of the public ones are closables.

Why ? Politics, if we start a war (we play in PvE-Conflict) with other clans usually I close my previously public maprooms they use.

In pure PvE it changes nothing, wars becomes land wars, server politic reasons leads actions of clans.

Playing PvE don’t necessary means playing in a cohoperative way.

Everything our clan owned on official PVE server was open for public access and use. We provided dancers in corruption areas, map rooms and wells.

We are currently having to fence off all our bases as players are repeatedly bringing in bosses for our thralls to kill. We are losing thralls and all their gear.

There has also recently been a large influx of bases being built as close to ours as possible, and we are copping their purges. We have lost thralls and structures because of this. Because they have built right up to the land claim limit, we cannot put out any new defensive structures.

We are all for cooperative play but we are having to spend most of our game play now repairing or replacing things that have been destroyed by others purges or boss farming.

Perhaps this is why people lock away things in PVE.

I see. I am not beeing angry if it came off this way. Its just sad. But Mumra has a point i didn’t think about. I am located in an area with no bosses around and it would also be difficult bringing bosses up there.

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