New map room and what you need to seal it up


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Forgive me for being dumb:

I’ve not read into much about this new “Map Room” but I was under the impression that you place one anywhere in your base in any style of room. This video left me with the impression that you need to build this “Room” around it for it to work?!?!

You need space for a 9x9 so yes you need dedicated space for it this is just the minimum space requirement and the fact that it is only 250 hp. making this is insane as well as the recorce requirement for it. It can be in the open but in pvp servers I already had 3 map rooms taken down 600 demon blood, 250 alc base and more gone so Protection is key and making a map room is vital if you want in your deepest part of your base with all your loot to go encumbrance spec and flea

I only play PvE and had designed a nice round base with stairs leading up all around. I appreciate I will need to protect it from NPC’s in PvE, but other than that, I had planned for it to be open topped and certainly not inside a 9x9 box.

I understand why I wouldn’t do this because of the crafting costs etc, but are you saying that if I just place mine on the ground out in the open then it won’t function as a teleporter?

it will function but the thing is because like I stated in the video decay timers are changed look a hammer with it down vs on foundations even in pve setting

Got mine to fit in an 8 by 8 room (4 high) just take a while to get it to fit right. Build the 8 by 8 with walls first and it will fit when you go to place it inside

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a 9x9 is preffered due to holding boxes and the rapid deployment of it

My 8 by 8 still has room for boxes in the corners. Sure bigger is better, but if you only have space for a 8 by 8, it will fit

It also fits in a rounder and allows chest space. The 1-Ring needs to be a false ceiling due to lack of support. I tricked it out with stairs instead of conventional pieces.


Wow that use of stairs. I recently did it to fix up a 0.5 height roof issue, but your use is much better.
I love the spiral in the top hole of your second picture.


Thanks! I like how the light spills in on the map, and considering I had to cheese the 1-Ring, why not do something fun? I am surprised how easy it is to climb in and out of the spiral stair pit with anti-climb installed, but guess what? You can drop 2 non-supportive pillars on the map itself, and place a splatbutton on each pillar. :boom: