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So I’m a solo official PvP server player (bc I’m either dumb or brave. Haven’t figured out which yet) and I can’t help but notice none of the obelisks have map rooms near them. Do PvP players just walk back to their bases after teleporting? I see public map rooms on pve and pve-c servers and half considering building some for this one. My main question is towards some of you pvp alpha clan members (or ppl who have just been around a while). If you see a map room uncovered for anyone to use do you destroy it on sight or would you take advantage of the convenience and use it?
I only get on a couple times a week bc of wife and small children so fast travel both ways would help utilise what little time I get.
So far everybody on the server seem really cool and although I’ve been raided, I’ve never been completely wiped (yet, though not worried because I have several locations with bombs stashed for retaliation). I know y’all can’t speak for the people on my server but just looking for a general reaction of what you would do if you came across my map room.

It’d be pointless to destroy such a neutral QoL installation, especially when it comes with a well or Mitra statue.

It’s always just a matter of time before someone’s bored enough to destroy it though.

And as maintainer of public structures, you need only disagree with someone once, and they’ll just wipe your structures clean off, out of spite.

Public service is often held hostage by the opportunistic.

Besides, if there is no Maproom there now, it could be that someone had tried before.

I’m sure that server you are on had seen several world wars, and those obilisks have seen many walls or public Maprooms around itself.

Perhaps you are able to build up because you are thriving on a post-apocalyptic server. Like you just arrived after an Alpha basically locked down the entire server and got bored.

The most important question you need to ask yourself when playing PvP is:

  1. You want to play for thrills, but don’t mind if someone else decides how long you are allowed to play and what you may build? (PvP)
  2. You want to play the game and have the opportunity to experience all it’s nuances, make friends and make a lasting difference (public infrastructure such as maprooms and bridges)? (PvE)

I’m not a destructive player, but on PvP I will kill these things. Open maprooms give tactical advantage to my enemies who are usually in a clan while I am solo. Therefore I try and wipe maps when they’re in a tactically bad position, i.e. too close to my base, too close to a resource, too close to an obelisk.

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Usually, most alphas or bigger clans have map rooms sealed up on top of some of their operations bases. PVP is every clan for itself. Leaving exposed map rooms allow tactical escape routes for raiders. Me personally , having no map rooms in the open doesn’t bother me (we only really put one on top of our hidden home base–never see us leaving :slight_smile: ) . Every route I take has something to harvest on my way back. My clan has a credo, every action should net war time materials. Every Iron ore/Stone/Wood/Counts counts, and scout as you run. This way the journey back is not a waste.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Hadn’t even considered all the tactical advantages/disadvantages that come with it. To be honest, after reading what y’all have to say I’d probably destroy it myself. I’ll save the time and effort and not even bother.
Ps. I have my offline mode to build whatever I want. To me it just gets boring without the PvP aspect.


Well if you’re willing to drop the mats and make it look more RP, it might be interesting – and from a tactical standpoint elucidating – to see who will crack it first. For more fun, replace one of the foundations with a ceiling tile and place a metal chest underneath it, and leave one grain of salt inside.


No problem. Yeah, map rooms are nice when you are in a hurry. But after 11 months on this game, i pretty much know every shortcut, and know what route i am taking and plan my time +/- 5 minutes off.
Here are my 10 Commandments I have learned from some great clan mates:

  1. Keep a small circle of those you truly trust.
  2. Always harvest something. (carry at minimum 1 pick)
  3. Always check for bases in the skyline. (carry a repair hammer always to tag times as well)
  4. When you do something, remember the effect on your clan mates. Don’t start something your clan can’t finish.
  5. When harvesting with tools, keep head on a swivel. (rotate camera for those back stabbers)
  6. Build small and efficient work rooms (4x4, 3 high in my case). Expansion is for layers of honeycomb defense.
  7. If you are off the radar and have a relatively hidden locations, fit a map room if you can. Never drop down, always port out. And when returning always rotate and check. If your gut says you are followed, take the long way or divert to nearest operations base.
  8. If you get jumped by enemy or other players while in enc mode, NEVER RETREAT BACK TO MAIN BASE. Loot is replaceable, main ops location is not.
  9. When thrall hunting, always harvest for zeal.
  10. Keep a small circle of those you truly trust.

All great advice I’ll definitely remember. And @Barnes, I like the way you think :joy:

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I say a stack of salt…just so you know they are real salty :slight_smile:

I personally like using crabs. :wink:


On PVE or PVE-C public map rooms are a great thing.

Every server I’ve been on, I’ve put one near the Temple of Frost - for example - so anyone and everyone on the server has ease of access to Black Ice.

However on a PVP server, do you really want to give the entire server easy access to Black Ice? - Just as an example


They’d have to make at least one trip up there by themselves to gain access to that obelisk and at that point a map room in their own base would give them that accessibility anyways right? But I agree anyways that I don’t want to give an easy escape route to raiders.
Edit: just caught what you meant. Easy access FROM temple of frost. Sorry. If I’m throwing down one that’s going to be destroyed anyways that seems the best spot right? Farm as much as I can and destroy it on the last trip?

Yeah, meant an easy way to just teleport back to home, or close to home.

You can overencumber yourself on black ice, use your maproom and teleport back close to base. I’ve had several bases throughout my playthroughs near an obelisk. And have traveled back home with over 600% encumbrance LOL It’s pretty easy to clear the frost giants in there and then go and mine every single black ice node in the place.

Putting a map room there yourself isn’t a terrible idea if you can pull off a 600% encumbrance run back home, depends on how close your base is to the obelisk you’re traveling to and some luck. But you’ll have to make an extra trek up there to either destroy or pick up your map room and then get back home on foot.

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If you have the resources, just drop a bed roll. port home, dump inventory and bllod port to bed roll. Destroy map room. Destroy bedroll. You were never there lol.

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Well if you’re trekking to Temple of Frost you can easily make a bedroll. lol

I just don’t know what resources you get in return for dismantling a map room. Although it’s not like any of the resources needed to make one are hard to get anymore. I don’t understand why they decided to give Bearer Thralls a random package of stuff and understand even less why the Bearer Thrall in Fleshtearer Falls, for example, can drop you 100 alchemical base.

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Hell I was honestly unaware of the ability to pick them up. I can make them but I’m a new player (got from ps plus offer). Guess i assumed it was like a shrine and too big to move. Lol. I literally just got to level 50 and was looking to move my main base further north when I started thinking about the question at hand. I did play a little pve and pve-c at first (where i saw the public map rooms) but felt like I was missing a big part of the game so decided to go pvp.

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