Could we get maybe Obelisk to Obelisk travel on cooldown, please?

Could we get maybe Obelisk to Obelisk travel on cooldown, please? No maproom if you are near an existing Obelisk be able to transport another obelisk and receive a debuff the prevents this type of travel (obe to obe) till the debuff removes itself (no cure potion or remedy to remove it quicker) after a set period of time.

This would go along way towards removing the clutter of maprooms all around the place and it would make sense from a lore point of view as well.

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You could treat it like the teleporters that are coming up in 3.0 and have temporary corruption on us for using them this way.


Excellent idea.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone complaining about the public map room builds.

Don’t take that as criticism, it’s just my surprise.

In general, the attitude I se from players, at least on PVE(-C) servers, is that of appreciation, and it goes beyond “necessary evil” kind of thing. People usually appreciate not only the convenience, but the artistry of the design. And likewise, builders also like to make their map rooms look nice.

If the public map rooms go away, so be it, but I think they’ll be missed.


I agree, but I have also seen a few servers that had 3 or 4 full blown outposts at the Sink Hole and each included a private maproom for that clan. These were in addition to a public maproom that was further away. I’m guessing this is because the outposts were there first and/or the owners don’t trust someone else to maintain their maproom.

I personally have maintained public maps at every obelisk on my server for roughly a year and a half, and on our official server, everyone is extremely grateful.

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I only back up public maprooms when I see the decay timer active. It’s only a matter of time after that because they aren’t paying attention. I tend not to enclose my map rooms and don’t keep them in bases (because far too many times I forget to open the defenses enough to get back in if the maproom is in the base. I have to unlock the house to get to an outside maproom)

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We had clans have their maprooms wiped if the reports were correct. Not sure if Funcom sees buildings solely for a map room to be an issue for a server and need to be removed. Not sure if this was the case or not . There was nothing in their event logs about what happed to the rooms and builidngs.

Here’s what Umborls said about that:

It looks like a public map room isn’t a problem in and of itself, but you can still build it or place it in a way that breaks the rules.

Agreed and I was also referring to that statement as well but didn’t want to name a dev post directly. T

hank you for that.

This also was some time again, around January I believe. I would like to see a way to mark a building you build to have it tagged “public owned” or something like that and the devs would have to do the server ownership change like a regular Admin would.

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