Radical and original idea for "Maprooms" and obelisks

Step 1 is the obvious move to make obelisks 2-way teleporters

Step 2 is to make Maprooms teleport you to instanced, high-level areas full of tough enemies that give experience and loot, sort of like on-demand purges. Since they are instanced, you may not drag thralls out of them. The Maproom structure itself will remain permanent, however to use it you will need some sort of rarer reagent like a map fragment or make them the purpose of those useless scourgestone things. You place a map fragment into the Maproom and get teleported to some procedurally generated instance based on which biome you teleported to. Some examples:

  • Desert with a skeletal archer boss who clones himself wherever his arrow lands
  • Wetlands with a bandit lord who jumps around smashing you with a 2hand mace
  • Dungeon prison with a prison warden boss who drops cages on you and pulls you in with a meat hook
  • A torture chamber containing a giant squid who shoots lightning beams
  • Run through a maze that is actually the inside of a sleeping monster
  • Climb a tower and the boss is an insane theocrat who turns into a giant praying mantis at half life

Also to complement this, you should get abilities based on gems you attach to your gear and the game should become third-person top-down. I don’t believe any game has done any of this stuff before and it would help a lot.

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A lot of these sound a bit too arcade-y for my tastes, and as much as I’d appreciate the convenience of easier travel between locations (and I would!), it kinda takes away from the feel of “being in the world” - the map room/obelisk setup they currently have strikes just the right mix between convenience and limited usability IMO. That’s coming from someone who only has one obelisk attuned and don’t even come close to being able to build map-rooms yet.

I would like to see that implemented

So since they are instantiated it would probably mean you go in there alone.
What about the balance issue since you could just hop into another “dimension” to get some valuable loot without really having to walk there?

I cannot judge but this might be a real issue for PVP I assume.

Basically do not like step 2 all that much.

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Maybe make step 2 idea a separate teleporter or something? That could be fun. A separate smaller map or something that allows you to teleport to dungeons you have already been to and completed.

Where would the obelisk send you back to if the maproom was changed. You said 2 way teleport, but what would you teleport to and from.

I am all for having an obelisk able to return to a map room though.

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