A custom teleport point

on obelisk you can make (1 per clan) that then comes on the warmap for your clan only so we can teleport to our base derictly and if you find that OP then make it visible on the map like a tothem

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Totems sound cool. I don’t know about the association to clans only though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been wanting something like this since day one. If there’s a way to do it with out breaking the game I’m all in.

I like the idea. One thing that might be possible is if you chose a “home” map room that you could teleport to. A little different then your stated idea with creating an custom obelisk. You could choose one map room that is your “home” and teleport to it. Could use a different command when using the map to teleport there instead of using the pillars to choose an in game obelisk. Thoughts?


Why not just make the equivalent of Town Portals from Diablo instead? It could be part of a magic system.

I like that idea. If anything most people would probably put it by their base, would be quite convenient. So much of me running back to my base with my tail in my legs lol


Yeah it’s not a terrible idea really, building a base close to an existing Obelisk still has value (and risk, on PVP at least) since it then allows you to have a second base with easy access. If it would finally get people to please just shut the eff up about mounts I’d be all for it, though fat chance of that, heh!


That’s a good idea. The obelisks are waypoints and the way the great green wall works is to keep people inside, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a stretch to allow the opposite to happen which is the town portal thing.

Wait…The waypoint could be a MOUNT that you don’t ride but teleports…

…just kidding :laughing::laughing::laughing: Just wanted to troll @Mikey


I’d love to be able to attune to a particular non-hostile maproom and use it as a teleporter destination. I say non-hostile (rather than owned) because in PvE, public maprooms are a common courtesy; (for PvP, non-hostile would essentially mean one your clan owns). Another destination option I’ve seen floated frequently that I’d be OK with is making your bed the teleporter destination.

As for what initiates the teleport, using maprooms seems like a given, but other possibilities ought to include interacting with a previously-attuned obelisk, or maybe even performing a short ritual — one that could be learned from an Unnamed City scroll.

While I can see some PvP folks taking issue with such a mechanic, it would be a godsend in PvE and might help people spread out across the map more instead of clustering up in the same over-populated areas. I’ve seen sooo much collateral damage from purges attacking bases other than their intended victims lately because of how bad over-crowding on noob river, and at NA has gotten…

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I would support this only as an extension of the existing fast-travel mechanics, that is: a craftable obelisk (with a limit of one per clan). If someone who already owns one of these joins a clan that has one, the joining player’s custom obelisk gets destroyed.

Other limitations, such as having to find a map-room to initiate travel would still apply.

Reason I like it is that it would do wonders for making so many locations viable that currently are useless for one reason only: their distance from an obelisk.


@Mikey Why the limitation of one per clan, is this for PvP reasons? For PvE, I’d be fine with letting people craft as many as they like, with the limitation being that any given player can only be attuned to one craftable obelisk at-a-time.

After all, even though my clan only has a small number of people, we each have our own distinct main base so having just 1 endpoint per clan would be a bit of a disservice to all the other members.

I am against anything that makes the game a check in fest.
And that is what insta transports do.

Part of the game is going out into the wild.
Decisions have to be made for logistics. Surviving conan, not just map jumping, are what is at the core of the game. For a space game or a game of an entire planet, i could see it making sense. But for a map as small as Conans ( i can circle it in @ an hour collecting obbies alone), it would take some fo what i see as fun and playing the game.


I’d want to limit it in order to maintain dependence on location etc, while still opening up new locations that are currently impractical. Which would be the best of both worlds without making travel a complete non-issue.

This would be a wonderful quality of life feature. It would be nice if a craftable obelisk was treated in a similar manner to bedrolls, where each player could only have one placed in the world at a time.

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the idea is not bad but in PvP servers it would be a huge advantage. the possibility of recovering what was stolen from the victims, because they would teleport directly to the home.
but of course it would break the balance, because stealing would be easy.it could be made fixed and not mobile.the problem is that we can not separate the pvp from the pve and there are things that collide.

From PvE stand point, which I’m on, it would be fantastic. My base isn’t close to an obelisk so it’s kind of a hassle every time. It also encourages players to build near obelisk, creating a huge competition for the areas nearby if the server is even moderately populated. However on PvP server I can see this being a problem. Perhaps the community could offer an elegant solution.

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For private servers on PC - Pippi mod has a WARP system that allows you to create a custom way-point and teleport there. The way-points are public and anyone can use them and see a list of publicly created way-points.

We use this on my server CONAN & CHILL WEST COAST and it is VERY popular.

You can also set a home way-point that only you can use to teleport you directly to your home base. You can even drag a thrall through a warp point.

I do not see viable that in the official servers is implanted because nobody would walk by the map we would all use portal

We still use the maprooms. It has not stifled gamplay for our players one bit.

This is on PRIVATE server.