Personal obelisk placement

Having the ability to craft and place a limited amount(2) of Obelisk for fast travel would be great. Making them fairly expensive to craft and just as expensive to destroy in PvP. Forcing open air placement and not allowing too close to any base.
I was thinking along the same lines as materials used for crafting Maproom, plus Fragments of Power or something

As a quality of life thing, it’s a good idea.

From a lore standpoint, it’s a terrible one. The obelisks work in a specific way. Having an Exile that knows sorcery and understand how they work is one thing. Having an Exile capable of making his own, seems extremely outside of bounds.

The knowledge simply wouldn’t be there. To be honest, even the Map Room is a stretch, but at least they only go to obelisks and not anywhere.

Also see this recent discussion for more on this subject:


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That’s the great thing about video games, anything is possible. Steel armor that protects you from volcanic heat stroke and the ability to craft undead hyenas and skeletons…because witchcraft knowledge. Where a stack of bugs weighs as much as a vault lol

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I wouldn’t want it to be able to be near any base, for raiding purposes. I was just thinking for the uses of farming materials and such.

Sure, but if it was personal, then that’d be up to you to determine. Meaning my “personal obelisk” doesn’t go to the same place as your personal obelisk. That’s the way I see it any way.

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