Player placed Obelisks

Not lots, just one which can be reached through the map teleportation system. It would be a craftable, but only available to the player who placed it e.g. you could only teleport to your own Obelisk, not someone else’s. Clans would be able to click on a shared obelisk however this would count as a players placed obelisk.

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No, the map is so smal anyway and that will make it even smaler, but most important NO is that will be so ove abused on pvp raids, loot everything and freely teleport home… no risk.

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Freely teleport once they had access to a map room thing which was unlocked and they could use… And if they did have that, they can already just use it to go to any of the existing points on the map quite freely.

Still a thing for abuse, no limit and risk on bring loot home.

A personal teleportation would be great, especially if you could place it on you base

Which can be guarded by other players, with excellent gank potential. If you could place your own obelisks, even that small risk goes away.

Like I mention in other topics about this.

Self teleport stone could be used, but gives up summon a avatar beam into sky. And takes abit to cast. This way everyone knows were you are, and can come murder you. =p

Slap cool down on it.

As for obelisk… place-able, thats like 500 pounds. So you can warp back your home would also be nice. Most of my fave home spots, are no were near one of stones… at best I have head to Map room “fort” then head some were near by and walk home…

it be nice to just Go home sometimes.

You want mini obelisks, go to a modded server, they have them. Still dont use them.

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Oh god yes…
To be fair, I’m not convinced I would actually want it added to the game, but I can see many times when I would like to have it. I have a terrible habit of going all the way across the map and then remembering the thing I forgot to bring with me and have to go all the way home, just to be able to come all the way back out - go to Barrow King, forget demon blood; go to harvest star metal, forget explosives; go pretty much anywhere, forget healing items…
That said, I’m not convinced Funcom should add things to the game just to deal with my raging senility :wink:
(Especially if they could have a negative effect elsewhere…)

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