Hand Crafted Obelisk

This is just for player convenience, by combining the existing feature of Maproom and Bed (where you can only craft 1).

Basically, you can build 1 small maproom or teleportation device where you can teleport from a small map (unlimited craft if resource allowed) to a destination obelisk (one per clan)


How would you go about restricting anything to “one per clan” though? I think it would be better to have it like Beds, where we get as many personal Obis as we want, but only one active one at a time… (Where we’d build it, anchor our bracelet to it and then be able to use any map room to get to it… Perhaps with other clan mates being able to anchor to the same obi, or a different clan owned obelisk should they so chose…


I like this idea. I would love to be able to have a personal obelisk.

i dont know how to code these things, but if Funcom can limit 1 bed and bedroll per person, im sure they can find a way to limit 1 destination per clan. so the destination ob is like the 9 existing obs, and you can have as many maproom as you want, its similar idea.

why not just maproom to maproom?


We have beds and bedrolls…

Bedrolls are destroyed when we place a new one.

Beds need to be attuned when you spawn at them…

I was thinking “Personal Obelisks” would function like beds(You can only be attuned to one at a time, and can place as many as you want without the old one’s being destroyed… And you’d just keep your bracelet attuned to the one you want to teliport to when using the map room…)

Of course I was also thinking personal Obelisks would be comparable to the static ones in terms of size…

Well with PvP I’d say: If you don’t like it, blow it up.

In PvE, it’s really no more of a problem than any other obnoxiously large structure that can be built currently… (Heck odds are people might even build “public” ones near their base so that anyone can attune to it to get to their base… Similar to how people build public map rooms…)

You’re asking for the ability to teleport between two player designated points on the map with all your stuff, and without any limitations on use. Seems to me like there should be some drawbacks there, and a map room isn’t that difficult to create aside from farming the blood.

You misunderstand me. My argument is, if you want the ability to teleport in a more convenient way than the predetermined obelisks, there should be a downside. Its an issue of balance.

Funcom has allowed sufficiently leveled or invested players to teleport, which circumvents a part of the game. The cost they attached to it is the map room. You are asking for two additional things, the ability to define your own endpoints and to make at least one of those endpoints movable. My comment to you was that there should be additional downsides or cost to the added features. Everything should have a balancing price.

So you tell me, what are you willing to pay for the ability you want? A maproom is the price of entry for basic teleportation. is two maprooms really an unrealistic cost for player defined teleportation?

There doesn’t have to be a downside to the idea. I should never have used that word, it’s only confusing you. There has to be a “cost” associated with it. The bigger the benefit the higher the cost. Look at weapons for example. You want more damage? Then the cost is you have to find more rare materials. You have to have better crafting stations to work those materials. Those materials once mined have to be processed, sometimes in several different steps with multiple ingredients. The same is true for buildings.

There is always a cost in time, both in the crafting of something and in gaining the ability to craft it in the first place. So the question isn’t what you’d give up from the game in order to get the ability you want. Nor is it a question of pve vs pvp. The question is what does this ability “cost” the player? Do you have to be level 60? What resources does it require? Is it a one time cost like a place able object? Is it a potion?

My simple suggestion was to just tie it to the existing system of the map room. If you wanted an uncomplicated solution, I believe that was it. You said that having to create two map rooms was too punitive though, so I’m asking you, what do you think is a fair in game cost for the ability to teleport in the way that you want?

That’s not a good example. A bearer thrall is a different tool than a archer, they serve different purposes and each have a cost. The example of insulated wood was Funcom adjusting a cost in order for balance, but there is a still a cost to be paid.

So the question still stands, what do you think your teleportation ideas should cost in resources and time?

I have to disagree with the personal obelisks for the same reason I disagreed with obelisks when they were implemented: It makes the world map too small.

The journey is a large portion of the game, and it shrinks the map when you can port around all will’y nilly to wherever you want to go. Planning your limited trips to where you can travel in a given time is part of the immersion. Having obelisks, or worse (personal ones), allows people to get to the opposite side of the world in moments.

If you play on a private server with mods, the chances are pretty good that they have Pippi, which the admin can set teleport locations for people to use much like the personal obelisk idea. Alpha or Grief clans would abuse this system so hard on a pvp server.

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I’d be happy with just this feature. I personally don’t like the Obelisk system as stated it makes the world to small half the fun is planning your trips and sneaking passed enemies.


I don’t “like” your answer because it misses the point and is a flawed comparison, which I pointed out. I’m sorry you don’t understand that.

We aren’t having a theoretical design discussion here. This isn’t about whether something must or must not cost something. We are talking about decisions Funcom has already made. Things DO cost things, that is the design direction the game has taken. You can think they should be free all you want, i’m only pointing out that this is unlikely to happen given the choices they have made. This isn’t complicated.

I’m not trying to tell you what to think here. If you believe that it should cost nothing, or at the very least, something insignificant, then you are welcome to that opinion. Despite what you think, I’m not trying to get you to change your mind.

Funcom has already put a value on teleportation. In a game about survival and map traversal, they’ve been careful not to allow too many short cuts. As others have correctly stated, it undermines the game and Funcom knows this. They have given us the concession of the Obelisks though it comes at a price. You have to be high enough to make it to the Archivist, farm the materials, and even then you can only get to set locations.

My point is that it is unlikely, considering the decisions that funcom has made, that they will give you expanded teleportation functionality for little to no in game cost. You are free to ask for it and obviously there is no right or wrong answer here. I’m not coming here to tell you not to ask for it, or that I wouldn’t also use it if they put the functionality in. Just expect that there will be a substantial cost .

I like this idea.

One per person/clan active at a time. Can only be built at your base. If you have multiple bases, you could make multiple personal obelisks but it would be like a bed/bedroll only one would be active at a time.

The cost of the personal obelisk would have to be something higher in cost and would be a high level requirement before you could make it. Would just need one more spot on the map room for teleport purposes labelled home without a light source on the map showing, make it easier for coding purposes. And then the kicker is, you could only use your own map room to teleport back to your own personal obelisk.

This would work well for people with bases that aren’t near one of the ten obelisks in game.

The more I think about it, I’m leaning towards @Shadoza ‘s idea.

-Eliminate the obelisk + map room feature and replace it with a personal obelisk that allows two-way travel.-


  • two-way travel
    -Huge map room outposts will no longer populate the map, and perhaps lead to better server stability.
    -player bases will be more spread out, no longer circling around obelisks. Areas without much resources can become “habitable”.
    -PvP: it adds a certain element of… “hunter’s fun”? Searching for bases could be more of a challenge, and giving the “prey” an upperhand via teleport, makes the blood lust stronger, and makes it fair game? There is a potential for strategic fun. Like splitting your group to scout for the enemy’s “mini orb” in case they escape. I’m just spitballing here.
    -it “unshrinks” the map, as it basically works exactly like the bed/bedroll, but without having to spill your blood.
    -PvP: clan members can more easily transport to their Allies during a raid. I imagine big, epic battles!
    -clan members can easily aid their allies during a nasty purge.

-PvP: as Shadoza mentioned, “seal clubbers”.
-PvP: high chance to be exploited by griefers

The costs I’d be willing to pay:

  • between 10-15 min cooldown. Corruption and drunk status. (Disorientation from having your molecules teleported)
    -two craftables needed:
    -1 permanently placed item that will act as the “home spawn”.
    -1 movable item (like bed/bedroll) to determine your secondary spawn point.
    -previously placed secondary spawn points will be destroyed when placing a new one.

As to the material cost of the 2 items… I don’t know. I guess it would depend on if it should be available at low-level (10+) or have the same requirements as the current maproom, and therefore have the same cost. The secondary peaceable could be a lot cheaper/easier to craft, though, but maybe not as cheap as bedrolls :slight_smile:

Just the thought of being forced to walk the map again is getting me all excited :laughing: This is just me, but the current obelisk+maproom has, indeed, shrunk the map for me and taken away the thrill of a dangerous journey.

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