A custom teleport point

with all due respect…
It is kind of ironic, in that PvE stands for player versus environment, but with a way point, it would be Player versus ???, because it would be warping past all the environment interactions? Just asking for a friend. And i did say with all due respect :slight_smile:

The idea doesn’t sound bad but another reply in this thread is right. It would take away part of the actual game. It’s not supposed to be easy to get everywhere. It’s supposed to be a harsh, hard-to-live environment where everyone and everything is out to kill you or take from you.

Where is the fun in going out to gather supplies and just run away from everything to your obelisks. Nothing is more exciting than being out, doing what you need to do and suddenly finding yourself in a situation that you need to use your head, some agility and fighting skills to get out alive. This is not a game for the easily offended or triggered.

With all due respect, because PvE players don’t/can’t attack and destroy one another, the areas around all of the obelisks and NPC capitals tend to be extremely over-crowded. This is because everyone wants to be able to take thralls or have a quick spot to return home to for resupply. As such, there are huge sections of the world that are beautiful and would be lovely to build in, but are simply impractical to… well… commute to on a frequent basis.

If each player had the means to set a custom destination, it would mean that people could spread out more without the need to over-crowd the popular areas.

Note: The current “bug”? allowing people to drag unconscious thralls thru maprooms is already demonstrating this to a degree. PvE players are no longer finding it quite as compulsory to have an outpost at every single capital, and it’s actually helping with over-building to a certain degree, particularly amongst newer players.

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It does. Then again PvE becomes obsolete as a challenge when you learn the ropes anyway. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve never utilised my thralls at a purge. Mainly because I’ve experienced only one of them for some reason. However, even with multiple purges, the harem I have is set there for the proper aesthetic mood only and high enough, beyond obstacles, so they won’t get involved even if they are triggered. I’m personally doing the slaughtering. :smile:


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