Watchers of the Obelisk

I was thinking you can implement 10 new bosses that hold a fragment of the obelisk. This will be an item that you can attach to a map room to let you travel to and from that particular obelisk to a map room that has this item attached. Make it so that only one map room can have it per clan.

This sounds like a terrible idea. Why would anyone want to do something like that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It would literally screw-over every friendly PvE server in existence.

I like the idea of the Watchers. Maybe alter the obelisk part a bit.

What if we would need to energise each obelisk in addition to getting the map. For each obelisk, we would have to defeat the Watchers. To confront the Watchers, we would need to get the map, place it and target one of the obelisks it reveals. We would be then challenged by a random set of Watchers the moment we arrive there. Place would be a small arena of sorts, a dream land -esque state, made from the immediate environment of the specific obelisk, but covered in a transparent veil. The obelisk would shed its prison, made from specific materials, once the Watchers’ challenge was successful. After the obelisk sheds itself, then we would emerge from the obelisk. Rinse and repeat.

Can you elaborate? If each clan can have it then how does that screw you? I play on pvp servers so I’m not sure how Minecraft Conan gameplay is.

Yeah like a mini dungeon for each obelisk. This way fast travel is easier to and from base. The way it is now you have to build your base close to an obelisk if you want to fast travel back.

Most PvE clans have numerous public maprooms around the world as a courtesy to other players. My clan alone has public maprooms at Frost Temple, Camp 24, Sepermeru, Pagoda, Dawn Gate, New Asagarth, and I’m probably forgetting a few. If a clan could only have any given obelisk unlocked on only one of their maprooms then there’s no way it would work. Every clan would be forced to build their maprooms only selfishly for their leader’s benefit.

Furthermore, I don’t know how it plays out in PvP, but since part of the appeal of PvE is artistic expression by way of building, most clan members are going to want to have some spot that they designed and built themselves. So in this case, everyone living somewhere other than the leader’s base (which they probably don’t want others modifying for the reasons I just mentioned) is essentially left with only decorative maprooms.

Hence why I call this a TERRIBLE idea. Any maproom should be able to teleport to any of the obelisks for any player who has attuned to the respective destinations.

Now then, if any given player could attune to only a single maproom at-a-time as a destination from any obelisk or maproom, that I could support — it would be the high-level equivalent of a bedroll.

Well I’m not proposing we change how maprooms work now it just an enhancement to a map room of your choice. For instance if you have your obelisk attuned you can still teleport to the obelisk but you cannot travel back to the map room unless you have the fragment of the Obelisk which will allow you to move back and forth. The only reason I say one per clan is in pvp we mostly stick together and if it were allowed to be one per play you’d have people setting up maprooms right outside your base for raids and they would be able to fast travel in and out.

Ah ok, I misunderstood then. As for the raid scenario, if the destination maproom was on a per-player basis, then that would mean only the player who placed the maproom by the attack point would be able to teleport to it since the other clan members would still be bound to other maprooms until such time as they attuned with the new one.

Conversely, if the clan had a spare destination token lying around, then they could just place a maproom by an enemy, slap the destination token on it, and then have the whole rest of the clan teleport in. Wouldn’t that be worse for enabling easy raids?

Well the goal here is for home base fast travel. Hence the reason for one upgraded maproom per clan. Now should they use this token for a raid maproom it would mean they would have to destroy that maproom once they are done and have to go through the process of regaining the tokens. This is where We would put a “time sink” make the watcher stronger, the dungeon hazardous, and require items to open gates that in itself is a grind (20 fragments of power to unlock a gate)

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