Steam Discussion forward: About maproom's and teleporting

Theres a underlying problem with the teleport system. (Not a problem as in bugged, but its functionality verus ONE-Time cost is way to high.)
Alot of people will be setting up teleport networks/chains in order to keep as much map control as possible, This is going to clutter each obilisks surrounding area with Map-Room Outposts.
(Unless someone happens to be kind enough to not wall it off and leave it as a public use thing, Because then no one else will be required to build one in the area to keep up with everyone else)

Basically this is a topic with a few suggestions pulled from a few different people regarding a limit to teleporting, Feel free to chime in! I’d love to hear some more creative ideas.

  1. Teleport cooldown, tied between all maprooms. (30minute wait untill you can summon the strength to go through the body phasing magic)
  2. Limiting map rooms with a player counter: (Cannot own more then 3 maprooms)
  3. Actually make it so each attunement individual. Meaning you must re-attune in advance to be able to teleport. (It would cancel your previous attunements when learning a new one)
  4. Map rooms are aggressively attacked by incoming purge mechanics.
  5. Teleporting requires a consumable item (Religious item? Bought with coins from Relic Hunter City? Corruption gem made with near fatal levels of corruption?)
  6. A new thrall which is required to teleport, Each obilisk would have a unique thrall within its location(Lots of work for basically one function, Not really worth it, Although i’d love the extra thrall spawns within the radius to partner with this suggestion. More thrall camps! Yeah!)

Limiting things from a different type angle.
Making teleport more of a recovery feature, rather then a full map mobility feature. Example would be your not allowed to travel with more then 20% of your weight.
Maybe your drastically weakened by corruption each teleport? Allowing you to spam teleports to your hearts content, But actually having a drawback for doing so.

Original topic from steam:

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I’m of the mind that it’s not all that unbalanced, or detrimental to the gameplay. I’ve found that the Map Room has a heavy cost, and requires the same materials that are needed for raiding and end-game play. Clans will be able to choose whether to build a Map Room, or to raid, but potentially not both at the same time. The Map Room will be the most expensive buildable in the game.

From exploring TestLive, I’ve found out that the Map Room will cost:

  • 200 Corrupted Stone
  • 35 Iron Reinforcements
  • 75 Alchemical Base
  • 50 Crystal

Corrupted Stone costs:

  • 2 Stone
  • 1 Ichor
  • 1 Demon’s Blood

Alchemical Base costs:

  • 2 Silver Dust
  • 1 Gold Dust
  • 2 Ichor

So the total cost will be:

  • 200 Demon’s Blood
  • 350 Ichor
  • 400 Stone
  • 35 Iron Reinforcements
  • 150 Silver Dust
  • 75 Gold Dust
  • 50 Crystal

Consider that the harvesting rates have been reduced by about 2/3rds of what they used to be on the Official servers! This is the way it will be on release: harvesting is reduced, because the servers are going to be ‘permanent’. If you’re having a hard time visualizing the cost, then just multiply the cost above by 3x, and that’s roughly the amount of work that it would require on the old servers.

That’s a fairly heavy cost to build a single one. Building (and protecting) several, as people are fearing, will be a monumental task.

The most significant thing I think can be concluded from the cost, is that it requires a lot of the same materials that could otherwise go into raiding. Demon’s Blood is an important factor in bombs: You’re passing up on potentially dozens of explosive jars in order to build a Map Room instead.

Gold and Silver are both highly rare currently. This could change depending on how the loot tables are adjusted, as well as how many Gold and Silver mines are added to the game. But so far, they appear to be highly rare. I harvested an entire Silver mine, and came out of it with only about 15 silver ore. With an Acheronian pick, no less! That might be just 7 silver ingots, which would make (I assume) 7 silver dust. It would take me 21 more harvesting runs to get enough for a single map room, and that’s just for the silver! The gold would require more mining as well.

We also don’t know how the Purge will affect Map Room balance. It has been said that the Purge will target specific craftables — the new T2 crafting stations, and possibly the Map Room itself. You might have a significant resource drain for even building a Map Room, as late-game NPCs assail your base to try and destroy your Map Room.

Another significant constraint is the sheer size of the Map Room. Being such an important asset, you’ll want to surround it with at least one layer of Tier-3 shell. Consider the cost of the room itself, plus the cost of protecting it, and you should be starting to picture a pretty damn expensive piece of machinery.

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Map Rooms, on Testlive, have 250 HP. If it doesn’t change, then you really need to protect that asset.


While i didnt know about the maprooms having 250 hp, it doesnt really change my point, Because who would kill a map room that gave them equal advantage as whoever built it? (Assuming they arent fully end game and just want pvp/cutting off supplies)(But anyway is great to know!).

As far as the costs go, that can be knocked out in about a hour or two of end game farming, Specially with the rework to survival (30perk) and 50 enc.
Demon blood would probably be the most costly thing of that. But then again, not really.
Especially if you actually make a main base close to a obelisk to begin with, and have a few teleports back and fourth between locations. (Lets say you need gold/silver, Volc teleport farm untill clear, (You have a maproom on the end of your gather path) Bam! back to base, unload, teleport to sinkhole your done farming ichor, teleport home.

Point is they will literally be everywhere because they have no limitations (Outside of the one-way factor which can easily be avoided with multiple maprooms set.)

I really feel like we need a cooldown on teleport, or atleast a consumable cost, I mean c’mon… Why can we teleport as much as we want instantly(is world defying magic) , but by some mysterious force, we cant harvest the same player named corpse for religious items within 30 minutes?
You may say because one is exploitable, Where as i may say they are both exploitable.
Not exploits themselves, But if used with repetition, Easily a exploitable feature.

Five map rooms would be:

  • 1000 Demon blood
  • 1750 Ichor
  • 2000 Stone
  • 175 Iron.Rein
  • 750 Silver Dust
  • 375 Gold Dust
  • 250 Crystal

400 stone is about 5-10 rocks depending on tier tool, x5 that and you have 50ish rocks for 2k.

Ichor is 1 for 1 from fishtraps, you can get 100 unappetizing every 30minutes per 1 trap? fish traps are 4 shaped and 8(?)twine , 17 fish traps(=68 shaped wood, 136 twine) and a 30minute rotate and you have your ichor.(factor in 500 wood for cooking timer)

EACH Silver bar or Gold bar can be broken down for 10 DUST, and keep in mind it drops from the thralls in the Swungle. = 75 silver bars and lets say 40 gold bars

I dont think crystal and iron (or stone) need mentioning. I havent done extensive testing on demon blood and what the new best source for it is, So i cant make a comment on that other then, Once again Demon blood is probably the only hard thing outa that.

Disclaimer: My 30minutes for a full fish trap may slightly be off. I haven’t timed it in a-long time.
Overall, i’m not complaining about how easy/hard the map room’s are to make, i just want limitations of some sorts tied to the teleport spam itself.
Plus it would also help the servers work-load, Less teleport/load-in
Server: Yes please! it all helps :smiley:

That depends on how many people are in that clan. If you have one player to clear around+in black keep, one to clear frost giants, another two to collect the demonblood… That would be 4 players being able to get the map room probably a little easier.

By the way. If you @Ren would like a continuing cost… another way would be damage dealt to the maproom, since we arent experts in using this “technology” and thus might have built a little wrong. This would result in the structure loosing 5 to 10% health on each use.

One bar becomes 5 coins. I think those numbers are not affected by server options. (Same as how the number of grown plants in pots will probably stay the same as well.)
Also a coin gets grinded down to 2 dust if I’m not wrong.

1 gas orb, a fireorb via leftclick (takes some time to explode) and then hurry out of there via port… XD
Then youre even safe if you ported away rather far.

As for demonblood… Well… Those dragon hatchlings arent the go for that anymore. They wont be killed easily anymore and they hit hard. XD (On the other hand, a clan could probably get their hands on a ton of blood that way. If they still “drop” it.)

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So i did some testing and the sinkhole dragon gives 50-100 dragonblood on 1x rates with cleaver (Because it has no meat and cant get bones, but i guess meat and blood comes together xD)

That dragon is pretty tough, but its respawn is the same as any other king creature. Potentionally that leaves you with 2-4 kills for a map room and its a hourly thing. (its do-able solo, but its a pain and time drain) As you mentioned with the how many people in clan, its always defintely alot easier with friends.

Health drain on use eh? Thats a viable solution to the no-cost “problem”, I think that would be another great work around and easy to work in code also, Great suggestion!
Its also a clean method that doesnt force extra work on players (IE: Making a teleport gem each time type thing)

Pretty sure this one is as intended.

Where can we find gold currently on live?

Disregard found it

Yes! Excatly… where can we find it? i searched everywhere…

No, you didnt.
I can only recommend using youtube (not google this time) for guides about this.
What you guys are looking for are the obsidian nodes. There are 9 or 10 I think. One bunch with 5 nodes, two with eighter 2 or 3 nodes. At a entrance to the volcano. (Access near black keep.)

Pilgrams road by the volcano

gold on the volcano?

It’s in the obsidian. A small stack will drop when you mine it. You might get a stack of 100 for mining like 6 or 8 modes of obsidian.

I didn’t find where gold was? Yes I did

Sorry, I meant “Arriller” as he claimed he would have searched everywhere.
This was what my “No, you didnt.” was referring to.

Oh lol. Yeah I had seen that video by Just Horse but when I had posted this I realized I hadn’t really opened my map and noticed the volcano area since my base is in the south.
By the way anyone who reads this Just Horse has the best, to the point, and helpful videos about the game.

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I’m liking the map room mechanics. The cost requirements aren’t too bad, the obelisks are in good locations; it feels good where it’s at right now.

The only thing I can think of that I would like to see moving forward is to have a warp animation or visual effect that anyone nearby can see. Currently, it appears on Live to just be a client-side effect.

I can´t beleive that only obsidian would give gold ore. there has to be an extra thing

Maybe there will be more sources, though I would guess that gold is meant to be rare - which is perfectly done in the way it got tied to obsidian. (How often do I harvest a whole node without even once gold popping up…)