Teleporting with captured thralls should be a permanent feature

I think removing this great QoL feature is huge mistake, it makes the gameplay so much better and reasonable, not to say bearable, with so many other actual problems to resolve I think this one was not one of them, I hope you reconsider this “correction”


What do you mean by teleporting with captured thralls?

this is not "corrected"as far as i know, exiled lands are not changed in that respect. (?)
Siptah might be, but as far as i had the concentrationspan to read about it, its temporary disabled there. ?
But there are fans who will detail it for you no doubt.

… really? lol are you beeing funny? We could explain if you like, but… your’e probably kidding? :grin:

if your talking about using map room with a knocked out thrall on a leash I see nothing about it being changed

On the exiled lands map after teleporting via a map room with a thrall on a rope I initially saw the thrall being pulled towards me from a long way away, then the thrall disappeared and I was left with just the holding rope (rope not extended at all). I ran to my wheel and confirmed thrall was gone, it did not place in the wheel.

I think it would be good have this feature back too. Now I expect players will build a wheel of pain anywhere they want to capture thralls that are a long distance from their base eg Volcano etc… This will probably result in more satellite bases and maybe add to server performance issues?


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