Can't teleport Thralls any more in Exiled lands

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[The Knocked out Thralls can’t be teleported]

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  1. Knock out the thrall
  2. Drag him to a map room
  3. Teleport
    4.That’s all
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Hey @Killindar

Being able to teleport KO’d thralls was an unintended issue we left in the game for QoL purposes. This was fixed but the change was possibly not communicated in the patchnotes.
Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback.

This is going to cause a lot of unhappy players. People have lost captured thralls because of this BECAUSE it wasn’t substantially reported.


This feels like a terrible “correction”, especially when not communicated

Why would you “fix” this ?

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It’s still possible to teleport KO’d thrall through Map-Room, but he is not displayed after teleportation. It’s still possible to put teleported thrall into a Wheel of Pain, but it’s inconvenient that he can’t be seen. See the video by the link below:


The downside i see in this change is that now we will see wheels of pain poping up everywherearound main setlements… And that is bad…


I have to say @Ignasi, I have loved the recent patch. But yea, there was a huge lapse in communication with the community on it. I do want to say: I do really appreciate you guys. You guys are much more involved with the community than most developers.

That being said, given how much Conan changes, we definitely need clear patch notes. : P

Only with Maproom. With Pippi Mod warp it is still functional.

I found out about this by losing the first T4 carpenter I had been able to knock out in months. This is a terrible change, and made only worse by not communicating it to players ahead of time.

Agreed. This is not a ‘feature’, but rather a horrible regression for anyone that has played the game. I’m playing Isle of Siptah now, and there are wheels of pain littered all over the map. Because you never know where you need them, you cannot reliably drag a thrall due to loosing if it you need to climb over the tinniest obstruction. On Siptah, people have started building walls across low areas like riverbeds so you loose a thrall you are dragging if you try to get back to your base and need to cross one of these walls. UGGGH. NOT A FUN FEATURE FUNCOM!

@Jimoacha there are no obelisks in Siptah, so the issue reported in this thread should not apply.
Closing thread as discussion is deviating from the main topic.