Map room/teleporting issue with knocked out NPC

This was a bug that has been reported in the past a lot. I just recently had this happen when I knocked out a NPC and went thru a map room to short cut back to my base. I checked along the way to make sure that my Binding of the Dead’s durability was going down yet when I went to put the thrall into a wheel of pain… he didn’t show up in the wheel… or on the ground. It was just a big waste of time.

I play single player with no mods.

I just double checked this and again my knocked out NPC exile did not place into the Greater Wheel of Pain. I checked my Bindings of the Dead right before selecting the wheel and it was losing durability right before access the wheel. I don’t know if this is intended or not. Or if it is relegated to the Greater Wheel. I do know this is a change that is not documented though.

Please respond to my post. I have at times been the only one to post in the Testlive forum for apx a week w/o getting a response from a moderator. And it really sucks to see someone that Funcom likes more than me make one post and get response.

Just so you know , Teleporting with an unconscious thrall have been stated by devs as non intended behaviour. This means you can cherrish the memory of being able to do so , but any bug you encounter while doing it now , is because you were not supposed to be able to do it in the first place.

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Thank you Kanza1. Would it have been so hard for a moderator to enlighten me though?

I am not a moderator but I can link you the official response as this is not a new issue or related to TestLive:


@Narelle if they are still doing the Chosen of Asura I think you should be the next chosen. Keep up with the awesomeness! :dizzy:


I am super happy that we can swim now. I think some people forget about that. Or they don’t know. I always think about how we can swim with a thrall on a rope now before I complain too much about some of the changes. :+1:

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