NPC dissappears

Captured NPC disappears if I teleport when adding to wheel of Pain. Before appears in ground or air.
Lost 3 valuable npc’s already.

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@Wak4863 has claimed in some of his videos that it’s just a visual bug. If you happen to drop your dragged unconscious NPC after teleporting but before you add him/her to the wheel, run out of the render distance and come back to the place you dropped him/her. S/he should reappear on the ground at that spot.
I haven’t tried it myself, but Wak tests these things at length, and I see no reason to doubt the claim…


@Sharqui you are tottaly right. My friend @gsimmons03 i think you are doing something wrong here. I don’t like to spam wheels of pain everywhere, since i play online all the time, so every thrall i capture, i bring it to my wheel using the map rooms. I never lost a single npc if everything on the way was right. What i mean is :
After i use the map room with a thrall bounded
1 i don’t switch to shield
2 i don’t use torch
3 i don’t climp
4 i don’t fight because my bounded npc may die
If however something happens from the first 3 mistakes, watch the video of Wak4863. Everything this guy says in his videos, i 've test them and they work 100%. He speaks the truth only and you will get a lot of varius info about the game to make your game play more enjoyable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Welcome to the comunity my friend, have fun :+1:.


Thanks for the kind words, I do always try to bring the most accurate info I can about Conan Exiles. But I to am human and make mistakes so it’s good to know that someone is testing these things after I do and coming up with the same conclusion. :wink:

Best advice I can give you @gsimmons03 is to make sure your capture rope is in good repair and do not let it go. If you teleport and see that there is no thrall you should still run to the wheel of pain and interact with it. As long as you do not intentionally release the thrall or accidentally equip an item that would release the thrall it should appear in your wheel of pain.

If you do detach somehow retrace your steps and you should see the thrall lying where you detached. It can be a little buggy because it requires you to leave and re enter the render distance to see it. So my suggestion would be if you detach teleport away from the area and then back to it and you should see it.


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