Ingame transportation system: map room

It is well known that the easier players can transport themselves in the games map the more they play. Said this, I cant understand why on earth did funcom create this maproom obelisk system that is just a waste of time for everybody.
Is it exciting?, no. Is it clever?, no.
In Skyrim for example if you have visited a place you can fly back to that place anytime.
Funcom why dont you make it easy for us, forget the useless horses and the obelisks that are a pain in the a… and make it easier.

For PVP, making it easier would facilitate easier surprise attacks, but for PVE this would not be an issue (as far as I understand it, modded servers have a portal system that expands the ability to teleport). In Single Player, you can already teleport freely by simply enabling admin mode. We don’t have flight in the game so there isn’t a clean lore reason why you could teleport to locations on the map so I wouldn’t expect it to ever change/be made easier. Also when you think about the fact that you still have to eat and drink to not die of hunger or thirst, it would be against the design to make it a simple matter of fast travel when the danger inbetween points is a hallmark of the game.


Why not leave it as it is and intended and stop asking for easy or nerf and just play the game as it is intended.


This isnt Skyrim its Conan Exiles. If every game had the same mechanics what would be the point in playing different games?

In the little over 2 years of playing this game I never once said these map rooms are pointless and a waste of time. I wish there was more obs but waste of time no…


I could not disagree more with you. If you can teleport, roads will be empty.


Traversal time seems like such an inconvenience, yet it is sacrosanct to good game design and immersion, especially in an RPG. Travel time adds value to your actions, it fosters careful planning, navigating the world, the possibility of surprise encounters and discovering new things. Blizzard took away travel time when they introduced flying mounts, and regretted it immensely by the time they had completed their next expansion. Quick, unlimited travel absolutely destroys games. Instead, if you find travel to be hugely inconvenient, you should look at finding suggestions to improve your engagement with the game world. I’m not saying I don’t understand where you are coming from OP, it’s more a case of the solution having some serious, unintentional effects on the game.


because accomplishing something is its own reward?

because its a survival game, and part of that is surviving the world you live in while travelling, not just flitting about to the places that you want to go?

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WIth map rooms You are at worse 2 minutes from any area in the game.
And as for key areas, well,
Brimstone–1 minute counting loading in at obbie of shattered springs.
Iron Ore–Gods Claw, 1 minute counting loading at bridge of the betrayer.
Wood–Mounds, 1 mionitue counting loading
Hide–SinkHole obb to safari…2 minutes counting loading.
Warmakers Dungeon–1 minute counting loading.
An 90% of deungeons are the same…1 minute ports.

On PVE, my understanding is most serves have map rooms scattered around the obbs. If you built close to an obb, then its 1 minute back, at worse 2 minutes.

It is already non essential to learn to traverse the map smartly. Insta port back home on officials is a no go for me. Single Player can admin command and insta port so there is that option. But officials multiplayer, insta port removes the reason to even be on a multiplayer server, interacting with at least a few other people.


We build close to the sinkhole so folks can pop on in easy.
We didnt use the map rooms for the first year. Now with horse we ride around.

On the Official PvEc I play on. All the clans that hold obs all came to an agreement to have open map rooms available for the public its nice to have.

I decided to have my main base near the great dam in the highlands (Didnt originally think about travel) Its always a 3min walk from the ice bridge or a 4min walk via the desert ob.


Comgin from the ice bridge, you could always grab some trees, bark, resin, and frost flowers so the 3 minutes aren’t a waste. All in how you see the traveling.


Make it easier? I’ve seen RP PVE servers block them off because they think its too easy. I’ve seen those who mouse click and keyboard turn in MMOs claim the obelisk system is too easy. This isn’t claiming most RPers are bad at games, but those of you who RP, know our community has some of the weakest players among them.

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With obelisks system AND horses, the map has shrinked to a minimum for me. Scouting for a new player´s base on pvp only takes a few hours now, and you have inspected every possible base location.

Given that not every position provides the same benefits, you only start with a few locations, wich can be done in 30 mins. If we want to give a chance to people who are new to the game, we don´t need easier travel, but the opposite (or a greater map :wink: ).


Skyrim is a single-player adventure game. Conan Exiles is a multiplayer survival game. Comparing Conan Exiles to Skyrim makes as much sense as comparing it to Fortnite. Sadly, I’ve seen people do that, too.

Horses are actually fun, if you don’t play PVP. I have no idea what makes you think obelisks are a pain. They’re pretty comfortable and useful, without taking away all the sense of achievement and all the map exploration.


It does stand to reason that if I can create a device to teleport too an obelisk, that I should be able to use an obelisk to teleport back too my map room. Just sayin.

Why does it stand to reason? To me, it’s kinda like saying “if I can choose to toss something into a recycling bin, it stands to reason that I could follow it back from the recycling plant to my home”.


Apples too apples my friend.

Okay, then it would be like saying since when i die, i respawn (transport) at my bed, bed roll, or desert. Thus i should be able to port from the bed, bedroll, desert to my tombstones.


Except that there is no true apples to apples comparison with a teleportation spell in a fictional world, which leaves you free to pull a No True Scotsman for any comparison :wink:

But let’s try a better one. If you have a radio that listens on a certain frequency and you receive a radio message from me, you have no way of knowing where I am just from that message, unless I tell you. Sure, if I keep transmitting, you could eventually triangulate my position, but the single message won’t give you my position. And I can keep moving, too.

Really, though, the point is that even in the real world there are processes that are irreversible, either theoretically or practically. And when it comes to a video game set in a fictional world that includes sorcery whose rules are pretty much unknown? It gets even harder to claim that it stands to reason that magic should behave in a certain way.

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Hell no, maprooms are already too much and in my opinion they shouldn’t even exist.

This is a Survival game, not a simple sandbox. I understand the need for fast travel but when you can do it without cost or repercutions (other than pvp, ofc) you take away the whole survival concept of the game.

In any case, what should be done is a better traveling experience and maybe teleportation between obelisks, without a maproom built by the character.

Horses have been an excelent option for me to trave to nearby camps and places, i wouldn’t remove them from the game.

If you really want to fast travel from anywhere, play solo, grant you admin rights, open the map (M) and Ctrl+Rclick anywhere