Obelisks and map rooms begone

Now we have mounts, Funcom can remove obelisks and map room teleport.
It was not said until now anywhere but I expect it.

For those that dont remmember/know map room and obelisk teleport was added to the game since at the time mounts where considered impossible to implement.

Even the journey step can be changed from attune an obelisk to mount a horse.


For those of us who don’t use or care about mounts, this is not a good idea. Unless and until I can have a follower with a mount, the horse is only useful to me as a distraction.


Why should we care what you think xD

I played BEFORE the maprooms came, and the world felt so much more larger and awesome without them.


Added information why obelisk was added to the game.

I’ve always known that those that say the last Encumbrance perk should be removed will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes. Now I know who the second ones will be.

Much rather keep map rooms/obelisks and remove mounts, as the former actually has a use while the latter doesn’t.


No, I disagree with taking them out. Mounts are practically useless since most servers have betas that line the map with roads which your mount cant get over anyway. When im riding my horse around i feel most of my time is jumping off the horse and climbing anyway. Obs should stay. Only change should be making it so you cant be killed in the ob loading screen.


Running from a base in the jungle to get star metal would take a great deal of time on foot. The horse has 10 inventory spots verses various bearers. The key here is time.

Does the average player want to spend the time required to run everywhere, mounted or not? I’d venture to say no. Games where half your play time is spent traveling are more tedious than fun.

And yes, I spent the first few months without a map room in an offline game, simply because we didn’t know what it did. Hated it.


Uh, no thanks. I’ll keep my maprooms and obelisks, tyvm. From what I’ve seen, no one even really uses horses other than to spam them around their bases, blissfully ignorant of the coming thrall limits.


I support the OP idea, i also think that funcom should remove obelisks for 3 reason.

  1. The map would feel a LOT bigger, and while some zone will sure be less productive to live on, hideout and territory would make their returs as people would wan’t to secure large portion of land. I’m speaking about random encounter, ambush at comon waypoint, sense of danger while crossing alpha territory.

  2. Players will cross themselfs again. Hear me before say that sure we see other players at public maproom. Farming black ice is not the same if you have to cross the very-nasty-wildlife territory around frozen lake, will have to plan acordingly (no more naked run full of spicy tea^^)

  3. Obelisks teleport could comeback as a potential sorcery spell tied with corruption use, in a (maybe someday) future update. Of course a company such as funcom will not dump month of work on a feature just because they finaly managed to do another one. But they can re-use it in a better sense for the overall game.

Back when obelisks were implemented, i was on an rp server.
2 or 3 day after everyone had a maproom at home, nobody were actualy traveling and making encounter. That was sad and lonely sudenly, exept for tavern. Of course the server didn’t dried out yadayadayada, but no one played a nomad merchant, band of darfari or ambush bandit anymore.

Everyone was a bartender or public bath owner, because it had to be atractive rather than well placed.

Plz make the lvl desygn count again ! :’(

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It is always hard to take something away form people, even if it makes the game better.

I believe removing the ability for players to build maprooms might be a really good idea but keep the obelisk in the game for shortcuts to get out of dungeons. If you did not attune to the obelisk then you have to run out of the dungeons by backtracking or going out of a difficult back entrance.

This is for the sad people who are hating on the horse and think it’s useless. You are just wrong and here is why. Horses are way faster then you are and you can carry good amounts with the new stack sizes. It is a really good balance in so many good ways.

If you want to take your super strong Fighter or Elephant with huge carry capacity then you should be slower in the movement department. It is called game balance and it makes perfect sense. If you want more people to like your game and stay in it, then this balance is needed.


If I’m wasting my time running all over the map, no thanks. I don’t take a horse for the carrying capacity, because I have bearers that can defend themselves better and carry more. I don’t use pets. I have two horses placed, with no plans to place anymore.

I was not one of the ones asking for mounts. I was pretty ‘meh’ about the announcement, but I gave it a try. I still don’t care about them.

As I said, the map is plenty big, and if I can save my time using an obelisk, I’ll do that. What will happen, at least in my case, is a dismantling of bases and reduced area of play. I don’t have hours to blow constantly running from one side of the map to the other, and I have no intention of doing so.

A horse is useless in a fight, and if you wish to tell me I’m wrong, I await the video of you and your horse traversing the Wine Cellar.


I would never use any mount, pet, or even Bearer for farming purposes, I have a slot cap of 200 so none of them can even compare to what I can carry. A mount has 10 slots, that’s 10k stone/wood/iron/etc. A light run for me is 50k. I’ll give you that they are faster, but since they could only carry 1/5 my lowest stone run and can’t carry me when I’m encumbered, they are useless for farming.

They can’t fight. I can’t have a fighter and a mount with me, so if I have to pick I’ll always go with the fighter, except on the rare occasions I don’t need to carry anything where I am going or back, and am not planning on engaging in combat. They are useless for fighting.

I can’t drag a thrall while riding a mount. I had at least hoped that a mount would speed up my volcano thralling runs, where a lot of my time is spent dragging thralls to the wheel and getting back to grab the next one. They are useless for thralling.

So other than getting somewhere fast without transporting any items where I don’t have to fight anything, I just don’t see much use for them, call me crazy.

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Way to make people receptive to your message, there.

I find horses to be fun for mounted combat. I also find them to be useful for certain kinds of exploration and for delivering something to someone else.

However, they are not an adequate replacement when it comes to serious farming. When I need stone, I go to the volcano and I don’t come back before I have at least 20k. Most of the time, I end up with way more (60k or even 110k), but 20k is the absolute minimum.

Same thing when I need wood: I’m off to the Oasis of Nekhet and I don’t stop until I’ve finished the systematic deforestation campaign :stuck_out_tongue:

No, game balance isn’t as trivial as “everything involves a tradeoff”. You wanna talk balance, we’ll talk, but the onus of defending the idea in terms of game balance is not on the rest of us, it’s on those who proposed the idea and liked it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again as often as necessary: balancing a videogame economy is really hard. That’s why CCP Games hired Eyjólfur Guðmundsson and why Valve hired Yanis Varoufakis.

Now, from a RP perspective, yeah, I get the arguments. I think @Bourgmestre is undoubtedly right:

Yeah, well. Here’s the problem: RP is waaaaaaay down on the list of Funcom’s priorities. And to be fair, I’m pretty sure it’s way down on any studio’s list of priorities when they’re designing a mulitplayer game in a persistent world.

I’d love to be able to make my builds look nice, from a RP perspective. Maybe I could build a tavern here, a caravanserai there, a prison over yonder. But that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. You know why? Follower cap, and no decorative thralls.

So what’s left? Honestly, what’s left is that there’s a bunch of players with FYGM attitude. “Yay, we got mounts, now force everyone else to use them in the way we want them to.” Sorry, but no. If Funcom comes out with a plan that involves removing maps and obelisks, fine, it’s their prerogative. They have more info and a plan based on that.

But if a player wants to suggest that a whole mechanic be taken away and wants support from the majority of other players? Well, it better be a suggestion that offers something really useful in return. I haven’t seen anything like that here. “We don’t need it” and “we want people to run into each other” are not valid arguments on their own.


well i’m sorry if it disapoint you but i do think the “nobody run onto each other anymore” is a valid argument. In a survival game where every act cound and determine your experience, adding a fast travel option trivialise the world you live in because with it, there is no emphasis about the various place that are suppose to be harsh and brutal.
How to make the volcano special and singular if you can reach it in a 10 sec loading screen and be at home after farm within 5 minute with no trouble that should be the travel.

The forum is fill with subject speaking about how the map is so small, and need an expantion. I don’t understand then why obies remove is that big of a deal, especialy if they can come back in another, better form.

p.s : Serious farming stone to the volcano ? Mate plz x)

No thankyou, I would rather have both and decide for myself which mode of transport I will take. Also bear in mind that the Maproom and Obelisks are tied to several of the games Journey Steps. Sorry but I cant abide the logic that just because we now have ‘B’ we should go ahead and remove ‘A’. People should have the option to choose their own playstyle. As I always say:

The option which presents more options is usually the better option.


That’s also why i think obelisks should be tied to a sorcelery system because corrutpion brew doesn’t serve any purpose an teleport is clearly dark magic (like op thrall xD)

Let me quote what I said, with added emphasis:

The rest of my post was dedicated to explaining how a suggestion that takes away a major game mechanic needs to offer something to replace it.

Plenty of ways to make it special and singular. Difficulty of reaching it is one tiny aspect of all the things that make it unique. It’s like saying “how else do we balance legendary weapons but make them drop less often” or “how else can we make combat interesting except slowing everything down”.

I’ve seen one topic asking for an expansion pack. And while I’ve seen several posts stating that the map is small, saying that the forums are “full” of topics like that is an exaggeration.

Yes, seriously. I can get 20k in 15 minutes. Care to elaborate?

I think you misunderstand why i am saying that. I am not trying to sway people that are afraid of change and can not see clearly because they are stuck in limbo. Those people don’t even like that new things are being added. They are “To Fare Gone” or TFG’s as i call them.

I don’t think you get the direction we are heading, my friend codemagi. Horses are going to be the way to get resources that are fare away, this will open up trade for people living in the different regions of the map. When we use maprooms for traveling to farm, we remove the necessity for trading.

Also, if you want to farm big time. Then you farm what is near you or make a longer trip to an outpost and farm form there. That is how it should be in my opinion.

The game is changing even the devs have mentioned this in the last dev stream. They don’t even like the momentum perk and want to change it. I did notice you in the chat, so i know you are aware.

hehe, not true when we talk about a game. There will always be a trade off or some sort. When making a point like that you might want to give an example that fits with the topic. Every re balance of something will have an trade off with something else, or else it not trying to create a balance.

You make the augment your self, there is no real purpose to do trade when you can just have a maproom. Then it becomes a RP only thing, because you striped away the practical purpose.

Just if you are not aware, pooping on 1/3 of the community. This is where i say: Way to make people receptive to your message, there :smiley: Dude i love you, but common :rofl: :joy:

See this is the issue i have with the why you perceive the game, you do it in segments. You should be seeing it as a whole. RP, pve and pvp are all living in one dynamic world and when you pull at one the others have to give. This is why you need balance.

Just a note here: I understand that there is different server types but even those balance the same things just with different wights.

No one will be forced to use a horse, that is absurd. You can run there on foot if you like and have an outpost for farming. You can make a caravan with friends to get stuff and that open up new game play.

It’s just not necessary to be so negative about change. Change is a good thing when it brings in new people and makes you discover new ways of dong stuff.

Conan exiles in my opinion needs to slow down some of the farming. This is to to make things have more value and open up trade :slight_smile: You also need movement on the map, as players are traveling to and from destinations. With teleports you will have almost none of that.

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I totally agree with anything that allows more choices, my method of transportation depends on how much time I have to play, if its the weekend then I either use my horse or run, if its during the week I use the Obelisks, plus I’ve been on a personal quest lately to find all the Obelisks but without the map room I wouldn’t know which ones I still need to find (I only have 1 left to find). Plus the map room is one more thing I can add to my base, although I would love to have some placeables to add to the map room, like book shelves or various parchments that I can have laying around. I don’t like mods so any official addition to the game is a bonus in my opinion.

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Oh, I don’t, trust me. I can recognize an ad hominem quite clearly, even when it’s a “drive by” ad hominem :wink:

What I’m pointing out is that an ad hominem rarely helps anyone in the discussion. Yours was gratuitous and didn’t add anything :man_shrugging:

Except it won’t. If you want to make trading viable, you need an actual economy. This proposal is just a hope that if you hobble down players, an economy will magically appear.

Yes, the game is changing. Alex said he wanted to rebalance the economy. He said he disliked the 5th encumbrance perk. What he didn’t say is why he dislikes it, which aspects of economy he wants to fix (apart from the black ice builds) and how he intends to fix everything.

Until we get more info from Funcom, I suggest we all refrain from putting words in their mouths and claiming our own ideas are theirs :wink:

You misunderstood my point. What I said is that just saying “everything involves a tradeoff” is not enough to balance a game. If it was, anyone could make a perfectly balanced game :wink:

:man_facepalming: I’m sorry, but is it so hard to distinguish between calling people “sad” for not liking mounts and saying that Funcom does not keep RP at the top of their priorities? Only one of those is attacking people who disagree with you. I like RP myself, but I don’t see Funcom giving it preferential treatment over other concerns, such as balancing the game.

I’m negative about half-baked ideas. Change is not good because it’s a change, it’s good when it brings a net positive result.

Neither you nor the other proponents of this idea have been able to adequately formulate why this would be a net positive.