Maproom adding of more locations

Allow adding our maproom locations.

You mean like allowing to link two maprooms so you can teleport between each other? That’s a controversial idea, mainly because an enemy could teleport directly to your base without knowing where it is, just by finding one maproom and teleporting to the other.

Make them hidden and only useable by the owner.

There is a Mod that does that.

Haha, no.

If you want an advantage as big as being able to teleport to wherever you want, you must give something in return. If I attack your base and you can’t even chase me because I teleported right in front of you but you can’t use my maproom, then the game becomes totally imbalanced.

The obelisks were left thee long ago, with more the map will shrink, and the new map is already smaller.
You can get anywhere on the map in minutes on horse back, good enough

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