Suggestion re: Map "room"

I’m excited to use the new Map room and to seek out the various obelisks for teleportation. It’d be nice be able to mark logos and references on this map (like we can on the in-game map). These would be “general” markings as I understand from the Dev Twitch stream on March 16th that this is Hyboria how it “used to look”

Clans who share this Map room can consult the markings which could be visible to any who have access to it.


Definitely agree with this suggestion. I wonder if we’re able to place flags, etc. on the map itself, or if those things collide with the map.

I wouldn’t even mind having to place a mug for an ally, and a skull for a foe.

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hmm i don’t know about that idea sounds good, but imagine your enemies get to your map room & see how much you know about their base’s location & other peoples base’s etc & take a screenshot for later reference. you could be giving your enemy to much information?

what i would like to see for map rooms. say if your base is raided & an attacker use’s your map room to escape with the loot, there should be a marker on the map where they went.

That sounds like a terrific idea. Maybe a Mod would implement that. Then you could go on a chase!

Need mounts, map room bad idea

Well. Mounts will not make it for a while at least due to technical issues. I think the maproom is a welcome feature. As long as its balanced right. With 10 ish places to summon max. Maybe even fewer. I think it also should cost something to use it. Like a sacrifice etc. So people who raid you really need to plan their attack

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Sound great! Would really like to see small flags on the map, just hope they can interact with it so they don’t get placed on the floor beneath.

"All right team, this should be easy with the four of us.

Mike, you’ve come up with the plan so you’re the flagon. Tim is the awkwardly-placed Set statue, and Jenthedestroyer is the wooden bowl with candle. The enemy will be the weathered skull sort-of in place, and I’ll be the teapot. Teapot rides 'round the top of Priestking while flagon you and bowl with candle flank them. Set uses his token whilst the skull people are disorganized."

Mike: “Who’s this bag supposed to be?”

“That’s… that’s just a sack of putrid meat.”

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I would still love it, that when you step on the map room you get shrinked to 1% size and sit on a mount and can ride around on the map room. :smiley:

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