Smaller version of the Map Room

Ok, I’ll say it again: Map Room is too f*ckin big.
We keep screaming against the excessive land claim, but then we have GARGANTUAN buildings like this one that takes 7 foundations for something that could be done with half the size.

4-5 foundations wide would be the perfect size for that thing.


Agreed. However, you can also just build a small building, then place it next to it on the ground. It won’t fix the land claim, but you don’t need a large building to accompany it. That’s not the point though. I do think a smaller map room would be nice. Even half the size would be a huge improvement.

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Altars and Pens should be smaller too

Altars could be half and pens don’t have to be segmented, they also shouldn’t be as big… even when you place a elephant in it its twice the size…

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I always liked that it’s big and that is relative because if you go circular building, it’s not that big at all. If you want something smaller, I would like to introduce you to the age of sorcery and start working on teleporters.

Land claim for a maproom isn’t the issue and quit being intellectually dishonest trying to equate problematic land claim with the sizes of placeables. It’s the idea that everyone thinks they deserve a maproom at Sepermeru that’s the issue or that you need to have a 5 mile road to you next part of you base


Teleporters suck … you need to build other teleporters around the world and then you have to keep them from decaying.

Teleports would be good if you could use friend’s (other people NOT in your clan that allows you to) ones, but since you can’t, they are just land-claiming buildings that need to be kept from decaying.

THIS would need a 5 mile road to keep that from decaying.

And yes, Maproom is not a direct cause for land-claiming, but it is if you want to make a base which is aesthetically ACCEPTABLE.

But since most people live in big cubes I don’t expect this to be clear to everyone. But I have a single good question: WHY does it have to be that big ?

Or even better: why can’t we have a smaller version too ?
We’re having tons of decoration in the bazaar, it wouldn’t be a problem to have a smaller version of the map room as well.

The map room is already smaller than the original…

If you want a more compact method of teleporting, it’s called the Transportory Stone

And I just said that transportory stone, or teleporter, is useless for solo players.

I did, yes. Your opinion doesn’t change the function of items.

Transportory stones are great for solo players, you can quickly warp over to an outpost you’ve built anywhere on the map. You can put these outposts in more key locations, personalized for where you travel to the most.

Map rooms are POI public transport systems. You’re basically asking for them to miniaturize the bus because you don’t like your car


Yeah I love transporting stone. For PvE, I have one next to the closest obelisk to get to the base. For PvP, I use it to have a visible base linked to a hidden off-site storage that I break linkage to when I log off.

A smaller version of the map room? Sure, but let’s have some kind of a tradeoff.

We’ve all complained about animal pens and their size, and then Funcom gave us the small pen. Sure, it’s smaller, but it only houses one pet. And if you put down 5 of them, they actually end up taking up more space than the original pen.

That’s what game design should be all about: giving people choices with tradeoffs.

A smaller version of the map room with no associated tradeoff is not really an interesting choice.

By the way, I really wish they would give us a version of transportory stone that works with some kind of a “code” and anyone who knows the code of a particular stone can teleport to it. That would allow people to set up public and private transportory stones and keep them separate.


Try using a horse. Or walking.

Sorry to say but unless you’re on SP (which building size doesn’t matter) you are playing a multiplayer game. The idea is for you to get out and travel around. When you travel around, your chances of running into another player is higher than if you simply teleported around.

Also think about why you are traveling around. If its something on the other side of the map, chances are there’s other players setup in that area. Consider asking them to trade for whatever it is you’re looking for and offer stuff that can only be found where you are.

Other players can be a valuable resource to saving time and effort and the interactions enhance the experience greatly. It also has the wonderful effect of helping to retain players as you build a sense of community.

If everyone is just going to hermit up and sometimes chat in global. That’s just singleplayer with extra steps. You could have the same experience in SP with a reddit thread showing off your buildings.


In this play-through I haven’t even crafted a map room, I just use my neighbours haha


Anyone remember the MUSHes? :smiley:

On a more serious note, PVE(-C) mode needs some love from the devs, but not the kind of love that it has been receiving. Yeah, sure, we like getting more toys to play with, but what we would love even better is giving us tools to enrich and give meaning to our interactions with other players.

Right now, there’s not a lot to do on PVE servers other than chat, show off your builds, invite people to your purge, and occasionally do a dungeon with someone else. And the only thing PVE-C adds on top of that is the ability to gank others just because you can, like a murderhobo.

Trading is token and gratuitous. It’s not so much a trade as “Hey, does anyone have this thing that I need right now? In return, I can offer a bunch of these things you can easily get on your own and probably have a surplus of in your own storage.” And that will never grow into anything more vibrant and satisfying as long as we’re all limited to crude face-to-face barter.

Conflict is, well, pretty much non-existent. You can engage in friendly, consensual sparring bouts, both on PVE and PVE-C servers, or you can go murderhobo on PVE-C servers. That’s it. Anything more would require some coordinated RP, which can pretty much only happen on private servers.

So yeah, PVE(-C) players live in a shared theme park of our own creation. It’s not like “single player with extra steps” is what we like best, it’s more that we don’t have the tools to make anything better than that.

EDIT: Incidentally, map rooms, transportory stones, and battle standards are pretty much the only tools we have right now. Go to any official PVE(-C) server now, and you’re almost certain to find a public map room near every obelisk. You’re also very likely to find at least one public arena on the server, and many servers now also have a public transportory stone network.

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If there’s ‘not much to do’ why do you need to teleport then? Perhaps there isn’t much to do because everyone is teleporting and never seeing each other. I know quite a few servers that used to admin wall off the Archivist or downright just list the maproom as verboten in their server rules for this reason. You can have a full 40/40 server and have players complain they never see anyone because they teleport, get what they want, and teleport back. That problem gets heavily mitigated when maprooms are restricted.

And this is entirely false I’m afraid. MMORPGs have hosted RP communities for decades, even those without dedicated RP servers (which outside of Everquest, were just meaningless tags on the few that have them).

The idea of needing tools to make multiplayer actions is quite the excuse. Sorry but it is. Tools make things easier, sure. They make things convenient, sure. But they are not required. All it takes is two people who see each other to be willing to talk to one another. If that isn’t happening, that was a choice on part of one of those two players. Can’t blame the game for that.

Also there is a majorly useful tool that could be used here. Discord. I believe some of the Funcom provided servers already have user created discord servers for the server they play on. Someone could consider making that and inviting everyone in. Get a trade channel going and your need to teleport across the map on a daily basis goes down significantly.

Um, that’s not what I said. I said:

There’s a difference between “there’s not much to do” and “there’s not a lot to do other than X, Y, and Z”.

English is not my native language, but I got the impression that when someone says “there’s not a lot to do other than X, Y, and Z”, the reader is expected to understand the convention and realize that there’s something that this person thinks these things (X, Y, Z) don’t achieve.

In my case, the things that I listed are things to do with other players. So maybe I should have been more explicit and said “there’s not much to do with others players, other than chat, show off your builds, invite people to your purge, and occasionally do a dungeon with someone else”. I thought that maybe that could be understood from English language conventions and from the context of what I was replying to:

Hopefully, now I have fully explained what I was saying. If not, let me know and I’ll go on into more detail :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting back to your question of “why do you need to teleport”, it’s because:

  1. There’s other stuff you can do that I didn’t include in my list of things you can do with others. That other stuff is the stuff you do on your own, just like in singleplayer. Unlike in singleplayer mode, you can’t just admin-teleport around.
  2. The stuff that you can do with other players also benefits from teleporting, because that way you can get together faster to have what fun there is to be had.

Neither is a video game. We could all play a pen-and-paper game set in Hyborian Age. Or hell, we could just play it the way we used to play when we were kids, imagining stuff and shouting it out. (“I hit you!” “Did not!” “Did too!”)

It’s a non-argument and I’m not even going to engage it further. What I already wrote is more than it deserved.


I am ok with the size of the maprooms. They are beautiful pieces, there are hundreds ways to decorate them and above all they don’t need to be sheltered.
@erjoh opened my eyes a year ago telling me that i can place them under water too (thank you Erjoh). So for an item that’s so flexible even so big, i care not for a change, they are perfect!


I dont mind Map Rooms. Just got to be creative with them. Dont always have to put them in a building.
What I hate is when people put map rooms so close to each other. Like why build one if there is already 1 in the area.


While maprooms are indeed not the smallest of placeables… they are also 100% optional…
Last time I used one was more than a year ago :man_shrugging:

Why? Because you can get on a horse from one corner of the map to the opposite one in like 10 minutes and the journey might actually be interesting and part of the game, especially transporting stuff back from there etc instead of the “instant gratification” nature of teleporters

So sure… it’s convenient and fast… but you don’t necessarily have to have one… and if you do, then the size it takes up is the compromise for the convenience it provides.
(that being said, I might make a mod with some tiny alternative just for the fun of it :joy: )


Smaller version with trade-offs works for me, but that was not the point.

The point is that a building that large (USELESSY LARGE, cause the same thing could be done with half the size) is extremely difficult to place between your base, if you want a cool base and not a giant cube like most people does.

Now I have to expand my base by AT LEAST another 7x7 foundations (and I said AT LEAST, cause the result would suck and I would have to build around).

Best thing would be what you proposed: having “codes” to use other people’s teleporters

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FWIW, it used to be much harder. Now we have the Structural Integrity perk to help us with stability, and we can get more creative with stuff like this.

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