Smaller, tablelike teleportmap

i often see big squared - not to say ugly but we know what i am talking about- houses which are beeing build around the giant map - i think most ppl would appreciate a much more smaller mapitem- it could cost the same amount to build but please give us a small version of it!


Ya I agree another smaller option would be nice, instead of having to interact directly with each obelisk button, you could interact with the map object and have a UI menu pop that lists the different obelisks you’ve attuned to.

A smaller one would also double as a classy placeable, much like an early globe of sorts. I would also really like a Smaller Vault in addition to a smaller Maproom. Surely there must be some form of storage half-way point between a Large Chest and a Vault.

If your on PC there are mods that have similar functionality… If not, well I feel your pain…

public servers and on pc…

another idea i had today would be a gobelin (dont know how to write it in english but i am talking about a carpet that is hanging on the wall) like thing as map.

It could tenfold and I would use it.
Could cost 10 fragments od power and I would use it.
Same for smaller pens… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a smaller one but maybe a singel obelisk, just bulld 1 off them so you can only teleport to the Vulcan …

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