Shrines, Map Room, Small Animal Pens all smaller please

So looking at new spots to build and was thinking of the shrines, water well, animal pens, horse stables and thinking where in heck is big enough for me to have those things but not take over a good chunk of map, well if you want a normal sized base that is not possible. You need a huge space to make use of the tools in the game, all the benches, the shrines, the every thing.

So benches are pretty normal size and take up not to much room, so not a huge problem for lag but then you come to the other tools. Sure you can have a little well, but for a large clan you want a well that gives you more water maybe but does it need to be that big. Big is not always better!

I know that the thralls update was to save on server lag and issues we are not gonna get into , that is great save on lag always for that great, but another way would to be make the foot print of a base smaller. Now I am not saying stop people from building any size base they want ok guys, I mean make it more up to people with the tools being a regular size not so huge.

We would not need a huge base that covers more land then Puerto Rico if the Shrines were not the size of a football fields and the map room was not bigger then a Hockey arena, the large water well is the size of an olympic pool and the small animal pen is not small its like the size of a house.

Why, why why are they so huge, so a person stands at them, I stand at my stove and its not 4 x 5 square foundations lol. They do not need to be that size, this makes it so if you have a 10 person clan and so everyone picks a god you cannot build all the shrines at one base unless its huge huge huge.

Then you need 100 thralls to protect it or more as has been the case up to the new thrall level but if the shrines, map room, large well were NORMAL size then you might still build a castle but it would not then NEED to be the size of Puerto Rico.

If you ( Funcom ) want to make the footprint of bases smaller which is a great thing, as less server lag makes it so new things can be added then do you and us a favor and make these a decent normal size so they can be placed in smaller bases easier. Not everyone wants a castle or a huge foot print in game and for the ones that do want big hey that is great also, make it so each of us can have the shrines and map room and wells but smaller so we do not need to build on half the map to get them all.


It would be nice. Even single animal pens, about the size of the horse stables, would be an improvement (I think there’s a mod for PCs that offers this, but that doesn’t help those of us on consoles, of course).

I think a lot of their original design philosophy was “go big or go home”, and that more or less works single player, but effectively forcing players to build massive, sprawling structures on shared servers really demonstrated a lack of forethought on their part.


I totally agree with the smaller footprint idea on some of the buildings, but the animal pens seems to be about the right size, especially since there is room for multiple pets, I do think that having a single pen would be nice for those of us that want a smaller base or don’t have the space for such a large building, I think the shrines should be reduced by half and the map room as well.

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Well in my mind if you have a clan of 10 not everyone wants to worship the same god as in RL we all have different religions so a clan of 10 could very well need all of them and so it is a punishment for bigger clans so they have to pick one and be done or that if you want to build smaller you can not, seems a bit unfair is that is their thinking but I get the impression Funcom just like big even the stable which will only house one horse is much bigger then it needs to be.

To be honest making them bigger does not distract from bigger clans or even single clans from wanting to have them all at their base IT just makes it so in the mega bases get built so people can have them all so making them smaller would help in that area and also make it so less lag on the servers imo.

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