Smaller improved benches?

Just a suggestion…how about smaller improved benches for small builds? The kiln is perfect for furnaces, but I’m thinking an anvil and quench (like the blacksmith decorations), a witches cauldron for alchemy, a tanning rack without attachments, a small stretching table to replace the tanner’s table, a wooden tub for dyeing, etc. This would allow us to make smaller buildings or smaller rooms within buildings.


Yup, many of us have been asking for smaller benches. It’s sickening that the only way to save on materials or improve speeds is to have a bench the size of a children’s party bounce house. :roll_eyes:


I like the look of the benches but having smaller alternatives would be great indeed
Also for the altars and animal pen


Having smaller benches would be a plus. Especially in cases you need a normal bench for some armor and weapons takes a lot of space and requires larger bases


Smaller benches would be a grand boon.
Some might consider it too grand.
This one thinks, at worst, have the micro benches require a fragment of power to craft.


I made a small build and the first bench took up most of my living space
Now benches are on the roof that was expanded with ceiling tiles. This is just crazy


Yea would actually make sense for them to be smaller as they go up in tier. Usually it should become more efficient which would include the size smh.


Very strongly agree! :+1: It feels kind of counter intuitive that players are discouraged from building too big, but in order to maximise our our savings in regard to time and materials, we need to build crafting stations more than twice as large as their counterparts. The Gibbett has shown us that there is a better way, and a desire for smaller workstations. Please start offering options for crafting stations which are smaller, bot larger.


My gut feeling on this is lets leave them at their current size. It’s no fair to let one clan have all the space it needs to expand and another clan trying to minimize their footprint. That struggle I think is worth keeping. :innocent: :grin:

The struggle is not worth keeping
I can build a base as large as the Golden Gate Bridge I simply choose not. There in is the difference.

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With either choice made, was it fun? Or, was there someone that ■■■■■■ everybody off with their build…? I thought it was trivial.

I don’t build small because there is no room, sometimes I just like small builds. I’ve done big. I’d really like to see what I can do with some of the small caves!

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We’ve been asking for smaller versions of workbenches (and shrines) for years lol

Don’t get me wrong I love the look of the huge garrison workbenches etc, (they do look awesome) but it was kinda ironic that their large sizes flew in the face of Funcom’s server policy of attempting to get people to build less, or minimize their footprint.

In fact I think it’s fair to say that their introduction probably singlehandedly increased the sizes of people’s bases online. :smile:


Yeah, I was totally confused when I first saw them. A player on my server at the time made some really pretty, elaborate bases that were also small and had confined spaces. She stuck benches into areas to fill some of these small corners or her base. When the update came out, I told her that her bases weren’t gonna fit any of them. She was pissed.

I second this as well, but aiming also on grandmaster ones.

Last time I was building a treehouse. And the size of those improved benches was not the only problem. It was also their weird dimensions. For example tannery is almost always straight and ok to fit almost anywhere without many problems… And then we have monstrosities like Garrison armorer’s bench, which apparently has to be not only big and high AF, but also has to take more space, because it’s contsrued in the “L” style.

So I made peace with the fact, that if I want to have naturally looking smaller base instead of huge fortress, I have to go with just normal improved benches, not those grandmaster ones. The only exception are heat efficient furnaces.


Those are still large in their own right. They take two walls high (almost) 2x2 blocks wide… so they’re not much better. I usually will just throw in multiple kilns when I need to fit into a smaller space.

But that crafting speed, oh man… :pleading_face: :rofl: Yeah, kilns are viable solution, more people told me this before.

May I ask you how many of those are you usually using to get the same ammount of bricks in the same time, from let’s say, two heat efficient furnaces? I could do the annoying math, but if you are experienced in this, I would greatly appreciate your input instead. :blush:

Probably like maybe 4 or 5 for 1? But even then, they squeeze in just fine. You have to divide them up though. Can’t quote me on that though… I’m not super well-versed in the exact math.

Well tbh it was the main problem to me, when I tried the kiln.

That the kiln had just slightly faster crafting speed than improved furnace, which is just slowly slow slow to me (when one does not have enough hardened bricks in storage and has to make them while building). They are pretty good to put raw materials in and then let it bake for hour or more, when you are out adventuring.

But when you need those bricks quickly, not that much. I got the recipe on my active server today tho, so maybe I will try to see the difference, and if and how it is worth it.


I long for the days with the 1 tile Improved Cauldron did:

  • All Dyes
  • All Alchemy
  • All Firebowl

It’s kinda difficult to reduce a base’s fingerprint when you require a minimum of six (6) tiles to replace a one (1) tile workstation.