Smaller improved benches?


Yeah, after the crafters were tweaked to have specializations instead, I’m not sure the crafter has as big an effect on the furnace as it use to. Maybe it does and I’m just getting use to the faster speed that everything else feels a lot slower. I understand, but you work with you got. :roll_eyes:

For sure, and also it depends on how quickly you need the mats. For a player who just go and spend few hours farming and then let those products to be done, meanwhile going offline or doing another tasks, it is not that much of a difference.

But you always want to have T4 smelter, blacksmith, alchemist and carpenter in your benches, no matter which tier those benches are. The only thing that has changed some time ago is the fact, that grandmaster benches already have hundreds of percent faster crafting speed, so your addition in the form of T4 is not that obvious, but still there is.

For example, heat efficient furnace has 350% faster crafting speed by itself (compared to the basic one), so with T4 smelter you get 450% crafting speed. It is easy to see on the crafting line, when you craft bricks and you put and remove the thrall in and from the furnace repeatedly.

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Yup… I tend to stockpile what I need ahead of time. However, I do come up short on occasion and yeah, that can be a drag.

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I need to learn this stockpiling :frowning: :smiley: But usualy mostly the bricks are gone in no time.

I do it because I redo my entire build for harvesting rates and carry weight. I don’t normally play that style, so I need to ensure I get the most out of it. When it came to siptah, it was especially annoying prior to this latest update’s change to adding midnight alchemist to the workbench. I typically leave myself in that build for a few days to a couple weeks.

I am lazy, don’t want to restat my attributes all the time, so I usually keep my efficient harvest and beast of burden perks, for the cost of stamina pool, which size luckily is no problem in the AoW. :rofl: D

Siptah is for sure very poor in matter of stone nodes. It is boring and exhausting to farm stone on this map. On Exiled lands one can get 100k of stone in one hour, on Siptah it’s less than half of it, not to mention that considering sorcery mass cull is nonsense as well. :confused:

Trivial is just your opinion Please consider someone’s else’s.

Sounds like a discussion for pm, please.

Work benches could be smaller

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You ask for too much, devs doesnt give a f abt their game, just look the ammount of bugs hackers and empty servers they have xD.
Joke of a game, i have been trying to find a good server for 4 days and everything is bullshit.
But nice try buddy, belive on the devs

I don’t have any quarrels with you. I treat emails like an NDA because of situations like this. All I did was ask, “was it fun?”

I keep seeing players lose their base due to land creep and poi. I can assume something is not fun and needs help.

I’m perfectly fine with your opinion.

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