Give us smaller crafting stations

The ones we have now are way too big, most of them use almost a full foundation block, would be nicer if we had smaller ones, occupying less space and costing less materials, to balance those advantages they should have limited inventory, maybe a slot for the fuel, two for the raw materials and one for the outcome. If that still isn’t balanced we could even look to cut the ability to put thralls in those stations.

The visuals could be minimalist, the furnace should be something similar to a sword forge, or those smaller ones made of clay. The blacksmith bench should consist only of and anvil and a tall bucket, an argument could be made by saying that the forge needed to heat the metal is not connected to the bench itself. Anyway, you get the idea… what do you guys think?

Ps: This is also a good idea for a mod, I’ll be looking into that anytime soon.

Well I’ll start by saying I don’t understand why this would even be considered a top 100 things for funcom to implement but I’m guessing it’s so you can have a super tiny base wholed up in some cave or on a tall peak. But if you reduce the size of the crafting station then you should have to remove some of the more advanced armors or weapons. If you want a basic station then you only get to craft basic items.

That’s your saying, I never said it or have I ever wrote something that could be so subjective in way that could lead to the conclusion that I stated that this is the top 100 things. Also I have never said that I wanted the current size to be reduced.

And I fail to comprehend the logic behind the statement you made:

Why is that? I don’t get it, didn’t you said that the only difference that this would make is if I wanted to build a tiny base in a cave? Why so heavy of a nerf then? It’s just the size.

I’m fine with the current sizes of the workstations.
I personally would not want a tiny surface to work with when crafting.

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You started a forum post asking for smaller crafting stations so it’s obviously an important issue for you. Also I never said you thought this was a a top 100 things for funcom to do. I’m saying this is not a top 100 things to do. Learn to read.

Because to make more elaborate armors and weapons an armorer/blacksmith would require more tools and space. And you already acknowledge in your opening post that the blacksmith wouldn’t have their forge so then how would they remold the materials? Again this is why I said if you want a tiny crafting station then you should lose some of it’s capabilities. Makes no sense to be able to get the full functionality of a larger base within a smaller footprint that would be easier to defend. If you want to have all the crafting then you need to build a larger base. And I haven’t even touch the fact you think 1 to 2 foundation blocks is big? Your head must of exploded after you crafted a vault and tryed to find somewhere to place it.

Lol, Hello?

Irrelevant, The only practical change would be the amount of gathered materials that could be balanced with the decreased inventory slots, since we’re reducing the workspace size.
That won’t change the size of the base that much, the idea is to give something more appropriate to a solo player, something that they can easily fit in an 2 space corridor, the current size of those workstations are much large and much “non-uniform” to go for some minimalist design.

And no, man, I don’t think it’s that important, there are already tons of post talking about the important things, I’m here talking about the smaller ones, focusing on the community response rather than an practical appeal to get something done. I believe those things are for the mod community to do, not the devs.