Please do not increase the size of crafting stations!

I read about the upcoming patch. While most changes make sense and I am excited for them, there is one change in particular I am dreading: some new, huge crafting stations for existing professions.

This is already sending shockwaves on my server. People have spent hundreds of hours building very elaborate bases, many in close proximity to each other. Not only will this cause some people to lose a lot of work in re-configuring their hard work, but also this is already causing conflict as people are talking about expanding to make space proactively. This is not the right way to treat your most loyal players and customers in your healthiest servers.

Also, bigger/more crafting stations just makes it harder for solo players or small clans that like to find hidden pvp base spots. Ever since the big horse patch when they were released, the devs are just making things harder for solo players or small clans.


I get your point, but the change applies to everyone. And most players love it!
Also, Those players you mentioned shouldn’t have built in rendering range of each other anyway, as is rule on well managed private servers. Who likes to login and wait to load and render few or several other neighbours?


While I can’t speak for all players, I certainly love this change. I can see how it might be challenging for people who like hidden spots on PVP, but I’m also pretty sure they’ll find ways to adapt.

As for me, I’m stoked to see how I’m going to rearrange my crafting workshops. :aaaaaa:


The newer stations look very very cool. I’m a little bummed because my half-built base on Siptah probably isn’t going to be able to accommodate the new stations. Luckily, I haven’t started converting it to T3, so it’s not a huge loss.

I am a pretty sure that I can’t fit half of the benches in my current base. I mean look at that furnace, it is massive. Why does it have to be so massive :confused:


Yeah, that one is going to be a challenge. My Exiled Lands workshop is currently on two floors that are two blocks high each. I might have to redesign that to make it one floor that’s four blocks high, maybe with a “gallery” for additional smaller workstations.

But it’s going to be inconvenient for players who prefer compact builds :confused:


:slight_smile: it’s a survival game, preferences are not supposed to be taken in consideration.

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The fuel efficient furnace is three blocks high. The other higher end furnace has what seems like a three x three footprint.


Sounds pretty manageable

I’m excited about it. Both furnaces look very very very cool. It’s hard to underscore just how excited I am about the visuals of these new stations.


Thanks for the info! I can’t wait to start working on the workshop redesign.

Me too, even if it means my original base design is probably trash.

I built a 40x40 pyramid as crafting area from day1 on Siptah, reduced it to 30x30 a week later so plenty of space

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Yea. I understand people are going to need extra space anyway with the new crafting stations and such, but these huge things are going to be a challenge.

All crafting stations are optional. They are not mandatory for your progression. The way I see it, you don’t have to use them since the old crafting stations won’t be removed.

aren’t they meant to be better? if i want reduced costs, don’t i need the massive bench?

p.S. I am still downloading TestLive

Optional means you’ll still be able to craft everything, just not in the most efficient way.
Anyway, all crafting stations are 2 walls high with the exception of the Fuel-efficient furnance which only affects your fuel burn rate.


Yes. It’s the same old argument I’ve seen repeated ad nauseam in the forums, especially since the discussions about the Siptah grind started. It’s basically “you don’t really need anything in the game, so it’s okay”. Or to put it even more simply, “if you don’t like it, leave it”.

For some reason, people believe that’s a valid argument when discussing changes or balance…

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@CodeMage Technically, I can progress in this game by using stone tools only as well but oh well … all the other tools are optional :slight_smile:

As someone who likes smaller builds, I will have to think how to find place for all this stuff now.