Crafting Stations invisible boundary bug + stations are causing a complete destruction of my base

First of all, the new crafting stations are pretty cool overall. My big issue with them is that they are absolutely gigantic and impossible to get into a base that was made before their existence if it was tactfully built for pvp. Secondly, on top of them being huge, their invisible placement outline is even bigger than the station itself. I am at the point that since my base is 30+ layers thick with pillars supporting it (and they can’t be destroyed or the base falls apart) I have had to gut it and try and fit these monstrous stations in the base. The furnaces and firebowl cauldron went from a space of 10+ stations to 1-2 and I had to hollow out half my base. Now these damn tanneries don’t fit ANYWHERE even when they clearly should be able to. Picture attached. I am not looking forward to it but this patch is going to force me to dismantle a pvp base that took 5-10k T2 foundations worth of materials and a week of farming to make.

After few patches/ updates ago items cannot touch solid mountains, ground etc.

Probably an undermesh protection.

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