Lost Crafting Stations

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Official 1510 PVE Server]

Upgraded foundations to Khitan last night. When signed in today, two improved furnaces, two carpenter’s benches, two grinders, a large campfire, a large chest, Khitan Artisan table, and a cupboard all disappeared. The thralls attached and items inside also gone. There was no event log that the items were destroyed and I have not had a purge for weeks but there was no damage to the structure itself only the items inside gone.

It certainly did not remove all crafting stations and items but all items that were missing were sitting at least partially on the Khitan Wedge foundation.

Not as bad as you. But loggin in the last two days, Ive noticed several of my chest missing (I play solo) . I had one full of metal and the other potions…but still! Offical server PVE-C. Come on Funcom get your act together!

Same happened to me, lost a improved foundry, improved tanner, artisan table, all full of mats and a box full of hardened steal picks, and all the thralls attached to the stations, made a thread on this in the forum too, insted of dlcs they should fix tthese problems that happen since EA.

I think it’s an important point.
Made several tests with the kithai foundations, they are placing well on the ground, but mostly want not stack one on the other. Tested this on SP and on server.

This may have to do with the dispaering objects placed on them to.
Hope Funcom will take a look at this problem soon. I realy enjoy of the kithai stuff, but this makes these foundations nearly useless.