So wait, are the new crafting stations broken?

So I know this is only one example but…I make the Heat-efficient furnace. Put it side by side to compare it to a kiln. Both use 2 iron ore to make one iron bar. I noticed no difference in the craft time it took to produce 1 iron bar. The only difference was that 290 dry wood in the kiln has a 4 hour + burn time compared with less than 2 hours on the heat-efficient furnace. Is there something else the furnace is supposed to do better than the kiln or is the kiln simply better?

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The heat efficiency furnace burns fuel faster but crafts faster too.

The other new furnace, the massive one, the fuel lasts longer but crafts slower.

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Yes, the new crafting stations are broken in many different little ways. The descriptions are incorrect or misleading, e.g. furnaces. Key recipes are missing from various crafting stations, e.g. insulated wood or steel reinforcements. And some stations have a ridiculously oversized collision volume, much bigger than their actual mesh, so you can’t place them anywhere near a wall.

I don’t expect patches to be perfect. I even expect them to break several things. But this? This is a new low. Not only did they push it out to live with changes that made people’s game freeze and crash, not only did they disregard several important bug reports from TestLive, but they pushed it with bugs that ruin their fancy new crafting stations, the ones that were the whole point of this patch.

And the cherry on top? They did it all late in the week, so it’ll stay broken over the Halloween weekend. It’s gonna be an awesome first impression for new players, logging in to witness the whole server bіtching about all the bugs.


Enough is enough is very close now. I am tired.

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Wow, I didn’t realize the new workstations were that bad. Course, I’ve only just started building some of them.

I do remember the thread where someone pointed out that most of the stations were now a minimum of two walls high.

It really doesn’t seem like this patch was ready for prime time and I’m still pretty skeptical that they had no clue the patch was in the state it was.

I wonder if Funcom had been given a really tight schedule and they don’t have much choice in the matter when it comes to the scheduling of these releases.

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Most are 2 walls high, some fit in a 2x2 square, some are 2x3 and the goliath furnaces sit on a 2x2 by 4 high.

Cosmetically beautiful, not practical.

If it does craft faster its such a small increase that I can’t tell. Certainly not worth the space that mammoth furnace takes up.

my problem is when first got on existing benches had recipies…so i look around see what I have and see whats needed run off to get some rocks come bk not 1 sinle recipie and any of the benches except artisan…so i make a couple of the new… no recipies…make new armor bench…no recipies…cant even make the mats for the higher benches cant make iron/steel reinforcements no recipies in BS bench any of them no lvl mods on server maxed lvl 60…0 feat points to spend…this whole patch is simply a clusterfk.

If its the same ratio as the tannery, which I see no reason not to believe (I tested tannery speeds not smelter) that the heat efficiency furnace (the smaller one of the two new ones) will be 4x faster. Considering you can jam 12 kilns in the same area, I agree, not worth it

do you have a filter on ( on the top right of the crafting bench inventory , there are 5 icons ( a little sword , a little shield ) , if one is selected , then the crafting recepies won’t show completely or at all if the bench doesn’t have any crafting related to the selected icon ) so check to see if you can deselect it !

, a yellow lotus potion will reset all your points ( feat and attributes ) , so you can spend them again ( this doesn’t reset the feats you learned via scrolls or feat tablets (for exiles land ) only the ones you spent feat points to learn ! )

in the exiles land you can also learn a potion that reset only feat or only attributes near muriela’s hope and the den

more over if you consume power fragments ( that you can get from various bosses ) it will add feat points for you to spend ( and in the end max out and unlock all feats )

hmmm so almost a total waste of time then ??

Personal choice. If you are on a pvp server where space is an issue, I would go kilns…IF you have them learned. The Heat furnace will get stuff done faster though, just that large footprint makes it situational.

These so called new players… when do they show up, and how do we know they showed up.

Check back on Conan Exiles - Steam Charts in a few days… see if that number goes up or down.

My predication: DOWN.

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