Smithing either broken or something else

So I’m not sure if its broken or i’m missing something but the heat efficient furnace is supposed to reduce the base of materials in the smithy. But its not doing that at least that i’m aware of. Still takes 2 iron ore to make one iron bar, still takes 5 iron bars and a steelfire to make steel, still requires 1 steel bar and one black ice to make a hardened steel. No costs have changed. Whats the point of a new smithy that reduces cost when it doesnt? I also have a named smithy attached to it.

EDIT: Updated with latest numbers from the DevKit which were apparently adjusted with the latest hotfix.

The tooltip is wrong indeed:
Heat-Efficient - burns fuel quicker (x0.23 multiplier) but crafts much quicker (x0.2 multiplier)
Fuel-Efficient - burns fuel slower (x4 multiplier) and crafts a bit quicker (x0.7 multiplier)
Kiln - burns fuel slower (x1.75 multiplier), crafts a bit quicker (x0.7 multiplier)
Improved Furnace - burns fuel slower (x1.43 multiplier), crafts at base speed (x1 multiplier)

Same for tannery, tooltip is also misleading:
Precision - burns fuel quicker (x0.27 multiplier) but crafts much quicker (x0.22 multiplier)
Plant-Based - burns fuel slower (x5 multiplier) and crafts at base speed (the speed of a basic tannery)

p.S. Please note that these numbers were taken from the latest DevKit, however they are still being adjusted and may not be fully relevant to the latest live version.

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OK but the question is, why does the description say that the heat efficient would reduce the material costs when it actually does NOT?
Is this a bug and gets fixed so that the furnace does what it SHOULD regarding the material cost reduce?
Or is this furnace working as intended and only the description needs to get fixed?
I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to waste that space this hilarious huge furnace requires for just a faster crafting speed while it burns wood three or four times faster away?
Who needs that?
Total disappointment!
Sorry for the worse English it’s not my native language.

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Actually, for single player games, its great. When playing single player, you can’t load up a furnace and let it burn when you’re offline; when you’re offline, the game stops. So speed for single player is great because I’m not waiting several game days for something to finish.

Speed also has some PvP uses when you need supplies in an ‘emergency.’

Saving resources works well for PvE because you aren’t needing the speed, so saving resources makes sense.

Different styles for different gameplay. Not everyone plays the same way.


Ah ok, i see… i never played the single player variant. Thanks for cleearing that up. :slight_smile:

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