Heat Efficient Furnace is wrong

So I made one and it was disappointing to see it uses exactly the same amount of base material than every other furnace. Basically, a lie.

Since it’s obviously wrong…

Did they mess up in the description or in the mechanic? Is it expected to be fixed?

On another topic, why oh why do they make it pyramidal if almost everyone is going to place it against a wall.


Strong arguments you have there but description says:

“A furnace designed to reduce the waste of base materials”

and it doesn’t, so… a lie.

and before I waste my time on any of the new tables… do we have a source to know beforehand what the new tables actually do? like, for real what they do… because the wiki has no info but the obvious in game misleading descriptions.

The description is misleading. The name says it’s “fuel efficient” and that’s what it actually does, it conserves fuel:

They should fix the description.

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There is another that is called that. I’m talking about the second one. Yeah, its faster… I would’ve never done it just to save time. I was expecting something else.

What about all the other tables that says the same? I don’t remember now but some others also states to reduce cost of base materials.

Sorry, my bad. I didn’t pay enough attention. But yeah, the “heat efficient” furnace is just faster and it definitely shouldn’t say anything about reducing the waste of anything, since it’s whole point is to be wasteful with fuel in order to produce your stuff faster.

I haven’t really checked. I’m waiting for Funcom to fix all the missing crafting recipes before I bother with the new crafting stations. Looks like I might have to wait longer than I expected…

From what I’ve seen so far the Garrison Armor bench does seem to reduce costs (but only for Epic armors, since basics can’t be crafted in it (currently - unless that changed in the latest hotfix) - but the old Improved bench now does cover both tiers of recipes, with (I think) a slight cost reduction over the basic bench.

Precision Carpentry bench does reduce cost on shaped wood - and I believe has now been updated to craft insulated wood (pretty sure I saw it there, but haven’t had to craft any since it arrived - I already crafted a bunch in the Improved Carpenters Bench).

Blacksmiths I’m not so sure on - I did put down one of the new ones the other day, but it didn’t have the recipes for steel reinforcements and I didn’t have space to leave the new one out and keep using the old one right now.

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I don’t know about the new blacksmith’s bench, either, but I can at least confirm that the old improved blacksmith’s bench now allows me to craft 1 steel reinforcement from 1 steel bar, with only a T1 blacksmith. It used to be 1 steel reinforcement per 2 steel bars if you didn’t have at least a T3 blacksmith.

Anyway, sorry to be off-topic, just wanted to toss that out, in case it’s useful.

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Seems fairly on-topic to me, at least within the broader topic of ‘how the heck does this new stuff work’ :wink: Must admit I hadn’t noticed that change at all - too focused on the stone grind side of building right now, I guess… (Clearly I need to get round to replacing that basic blacksmith I haven’t bothered upgrading :slight_smile: )

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Thank you guys for your reply! Guess I’ll also skip the new tables until further updates.

It’s a shame cause by now I already know the game by hard. I was hoping for something new.

So should I assume that the lack of exceptional recipes on an improved table using a T3 thrall is also part of the “changes”? I can’t seem to find where to craft better quality things now. (disclaimer, I don’t play since around march).

It is. There are no more “exceptional” or “flawless” items. Instead, they all have the same name, but they should have different stats based on the thrall tier. So you should get just +5 without a thrall and +10 with a T4, as far as I remember.

I haven’t actually tested this and I think I’ve seen some people say that some of it is bugged. I might search the forums for more details later, or test it in single-player.

ooh so it is yet another oopsy from them that the “craft an exceptional or flawless item” journey step still remains and don’t update with the new items… these are some “teacher correcting homework at school” level of errors; how can you miss those kind of things!? its like they hire a completely new guy every time and it is a prerequisite he never played the game before.

anyway, I was wondering why my newly regular armor provided +8 stat bonus, thanks for clarifying that.

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That’s nothing, look at this whole thread:


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