Kiln worse than the Improved Furnace?

I heard that the furnace’s have changed. So I was doing some testing…
These numbers are how many Iron Bar’s can be made with a single Oil:

4.8 Furnace
9.5 Improved Furnace
7.6 Kiln

So… the Kiln produces less than the Improved Furnace? But the Kiln is supposed to be a rare recipe from the Unnamed City.
Am I missing something here, or is this a bug?

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I think the kiln is suppose to have more inventory space then the improve furnace and that’s about it

It used to cook faster than improved one.


Yes, it was 25% faster.

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How many legendary weapons, or pieces of armor are lower than craft able. The beauty of this furnace is the rustic design and the space that takes in your kitchen. Anyway, I never tested the speed or the productivity of this furnace, thank you for the info :+1:.

gg. I wondered if kiln got nerfed but never bothered to test it myself.

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And how much time does it take to make 10 Iron Bars? Couldn’t Kiln be less fuel-effective but faster? New T3 Furnaces differ in both those parameters: one burns less fuel for each ingot but smelts slower, another burns more but smelts faster.

No, kiln is %25 faster than old Improved Furnace, and has more inventory slots.
I don’t know about the new furnaces because my server still won’t open

Yesterday’s patch seems to have fixed this.
Currently, these numbers are how many Iron Bar’s can be made with a single Oil:

5.4 Furnace (55 sec)
6.8 Improved Furnace (68 sec)
11.9 Kiln (84 sec)
27.2 Fuel-Efficient Furnace (192 sec)
5.3 Heat-Efficient Furnace (11 sec)

The easy-to-make level 55 Fuel-Efficient Furnace still beats out the rare recipe Kiln, but otherwise these numbers make a lot more sense for their effort.

PS - All 5 furnace’s have the same Ironstone to Iron Bar ratio. So it comes down to how much fuel you want to use vs how fast the you want to smelt things.


@Summer Thanks for the stats. Very good research!

@Ignasi and @Hugo – I would recommend treating the Kiln as needing attention; the Kiln is a rare recipe drop requiring fragments of power to craft. Its much more difficult to find and build than crafting a Fuel-Efficient Furnace or Heat-Efficient Furnace. I would recommend that given its rare status and difficulty to craft either its recipe is made easier to find (and construct - no longer requiring fragments of power) or that it combines the speed and efficiency bonuses of the high-tier furnaces.


I’m personally okay with kilns not being the best anymore, because they’re still smaller than any other furnace. It would be nice if they had some special feature, but I’m perfectly okay with this situation.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be fuel efficiency or speed. What if kilns could use fragments of power as a catalyst for some unique recipe?

I usually test a little differently. I take 1000 coal, 1000 iron ore-check the cost of coal and time. Then I take 1000 stone and check the cost of coal and time. I get the exact alignment for 1000 units. Since the farm is just 1000 * x Coal instead of oil, then that now with oil can sometimes be strained.

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