Just a thought, need opinions

So what’s the use of an improved furnace besides the extra storage?

Like the furnace and the improved version both can smelt everything… and do it at the same speed… like what’s the incentive to build an improved furnace besides extra space and a cool design?

Can the improved version smelt faster or more at a time in a future update?

You can smelt more at once which gives you time to do other things speed depends on the thrall you got in the smelter t1 to t4 with the original smelter you need to run out every 10 min for fresh supplies with the bigger one a good 20 min farm will last you awhile no need to run back and forth every 5 minutes

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The extra storage space in the Improved Furnace is well worth the extra resource cost once you have a solid infrastructure for producing stuff (ie. a base near good resource nodes, hardened steel harvesting tools, and a good strong bearer). The fewer extra storage boxes or cupboards I need to pile into my bases, the better.


Sure, i’m still happy when i get it.
Like you said, after a while, storage and chests take it over, and having less of them is still better than have to clutter the base will, and build additional storage room.

Was happy to get the kiln lately from the unnamed city. That’s really the top improvement, and very fast. I was really pleased, much more than with most other stuff i get there. :wink:

Wait til you use the Kiln, its alot faster, especially with a named smelter.

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