Improved furnace, tanner, stove

Do they do anything besides give you more space and a cooler looking placeable? I know the blacksmith and armorbench give you access to epic weapons and armor.

there isnt anything new expect that more slots, but they said they want change way it work, ie stations will leveling but its still distant future


So that’s how I make soup! It seems kind of a weird endgame item when they drop so often. lol

I guess I’ll still make some of them for the appearance.

The soup made with feral meat, salt and purified water is used in to make Aloe Soup … a recipe you have to learn by interacting with a book in the game. Aloe soup is a strong healing consumable which stacks to 50 and is reasonably light in comparison to Aloe potion and Ambrosia. Although Aloe Soup does have a decay timer so you either have to make enough for a gaming session or be able to store it in preservation boxes.


Thanks, also black hand thralls drop spices. I usually pick up a lot when I go to the Black Galleon for thralls.

Plant fibers make spices as well. Also, the more space in a station is definitely worth it if you are a max grinder, and also makes it so you need less thralls. IE 5 t1 Furnaces would need 5 t3 / named smelters to be as efficient as 3 improved furnaces and 3 of thsoe smelters. Plus, more HP, so if you are on a pvp server, it takes more to wipe it.


I wish I could mark more than one solution, there were a couple people with great answers on here. :thinking:

plant fibers and most flowers will grind to spice. Not the lotus, which grinds to lotus powder. I accidentally discovered the fiber myself about 3 weeks ago. That grinder is amazing.


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