A few station suggestions


In the course of playing, I have only really thought up three stations that we need to see, so far as crafting/interactive ones go.

First, this is in the suggestion list but they REALLY need to get on it: A vanity station that lets you alter your character’s hair and makeup. Really getting tired of the long hair I picked, that looks great when the physics work, getting stuck poking forward over my shoulders and through my neck.

Secondly, an improved version of the Carpenter Bench. Even if it only has a bigger inventory, mass producing shaped wood and insulated wood would be much quicker.

And lastly, the new idea (I hope) is a hot box of some kind that lets you place food in and make it rot very quickly. We have tons of fish traps and even after the pet update, where we will need food, we will still be making surplus rotten meat for ichor. Having a box that makes food spoil fast would help.


This may not be terribly helpful depending on your platform and/or stance on mods, but Emberlight includes just such a vanity for changing hair, makeup, etc:

(Those hairstyles are from another mod.)

I imagine such a thing would be very convenient for roleplay servers, allowing players to start their characters off all unkempt and then prettying up later once they’re no longer picking through the bushes for bugs to eat.


I am on Xbox. So yeah, kinda stuck with what Vanilla gives. Wish they would work with mod authors to maybe include some of the best mods officially.


Put food in the compost bin look at the spoil timer it’s like 2-3minutes spoil timer your spoiler is already in the game just don’t make the compost and use it for spoiling food instead.


:rofl: yep, been doing this for months now all unused meats but not human flesh, it doesn’t work and that’s ok! All meats and fish you’re good to go!

Improved carpenters bench is a duh along with more space on a bearer thrall, but i guess not Funcoms style.


Didn’t know that, ty.


I just want all current stations to have improved versions. :slight_smile:


Whether they are working on that now or later I’m not sure, but Oscar talked about intending to implement upgradeable craft stations in the future (during Fridays Q and A). I logged it in my write up and time stamped it if you are interested in hearing more.


Yep, pretty excited for that one. And he did mention they’d probably have visual upgrades as well for each tier, so the “upgraded whatever” inconsistencies should hopefully solve themselves. I’d hope so, anyway.

But we probably have to take whatever they say on a stream with a fairly big pinch of salt, given there’s no confirmation, current status, priority or expected drop date on any of the features mentioned.


Yeah. Frankly, I don’t believe a thing the Devs say until it shows up in Testlive.


I would like to see a architects bench. I understand this would probably upset a lot of players but I believe it makes sense to add one. You need benches to create the mats but you don’t need a bench to put those mats together to create the final piece? Also since I play on a console (xbox) it would free up tons of space in the crafting menu when your out and about. I think that only tier 2 and 3 building pieces should fall into this since tier 1 uses only wood and stone. All other building pieces require basicly 3 different benches just to make the mats but no bench required to combine those mats into the finished building piece. Just seems wrong to me. What do you all think?

Please make construction pieces also craftable in a crafting station

Agreed. I like an organized crafting menu, so all the clutter of tons of recipes can be overwhelming at times. Having another station could help with that.


When I looked this day, my bearer thrall had three or four times the inventory space then before the update. So maybe this is already in service.


I definitely won’t dis any mods or the ability to mod. Mods provide uniqueness to each server or single player game. But when it is something so demanding such as this, it shouldn’t be relied on modders to make your games great.


I noticed this too.

Bearer I has 15 slots I think and bearer III had 20 don’t know about II or named.
Haven’t put any named out as I didn’t want to lose them to starvation.

Can’t wait to take em for a spin.


Interesting that increase in bearer thralls number of free slots. Are they able to carry full inventory regardless the weight of the items?, I admit I haven’t used a bearer thrall because 5 slots seemed pointless to me, too much of a hassle to carry one along with you for such little room, when you can do with a bit more encumbrance points.


Yeah I hope they carry a large chest tier 3 Bearer. and be able to fight as well. Glad for the change.

@Grinder I would like the architects bench if it had a ton of space for dropping resources to make foundations, walls and the like while you adventure!

It would be nice to have a T1, T2 or T3 drop down in the crafting menu. Or at least a drop down which only shows the type of thing you want to see in your inventory or crafting menu not arrange first. I would like to be able to give all to one type of thing like tar or stone, to quickly process your inventory. :wink:


The compost heap rots food super fast. 30 minutes turns into 3


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