Improved Carpenter's Bench

Can you add an improved Carpenter’s bench please.



Well it was a whole one hour ago, so… clearly it needed a bump!


Why? What purpose would it serve?

Just the model to match the other improved versions would be nice to blend in.

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Not if it serves no purpose.

It would serve the purpose of not requiring us to micro manage the bench to make insulated wood. Or any decent quantity of anything else.
After all, improved furnaces and blacksmiths benches only add extra storage space too.
If any one of these doesn’t need more storage, its the black smith. It is basically a 1 for 1 conversion for most things.
Carpenters bench is 5 to 1 or 10 to 1 depending on the thrall attached.


I totaly agree with it. It just feels like they forgot to implement Improved carpenter´s bench. In Addition to it i would love to see a improved Torturer’s Worktable with hardened steel stuff. Maybe also star metal?


I imagine the purpose would just be additional inventory slots. If it needed a larger purpose, add new material that can only be crafted using an improved bench and then add new decorations which require that material.

Example - Improved Carpenters Bench teaches Petrified Wood and Petrified Wooden Statue
Petrified Wood - 5 Stone and 1 Wood
Petrified Wooden Statue - 2 Petrified Wood.

Never thought of that, about the storage. It kinda makes sense, yeah.

Extra Storage would be nice.

Could tie new arrows or archery mods to it as well.

Improved carp bench would be nice along with…improved dryers and presses.


A thrall on a dryer to cut bark costs or increase resin yield would be awesome.


Thralls on everything to improve speed and reduce resource costs. I mean come on the starter campfire can have a thrall! Improved Grinder never enough room, Drying rack, Press, and the obviously overlooked improved carpenter’s bench. Should bring back crossbows and quarrels and that would be another reason for more space. Would like to build short bridges like the length of a drawbridge across some areas for passage. Another reason for improved carpenter. :pray:

It was mentioned on this friday’s stream that they want to move away from players having to build “factorio” setups.


One of the bigger surprises (for me, anyway) but a very welcome one for sure. I always disliked the streamlined production factories, even though they make perfect sense from a player perspective.

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