Improved Carpenters Bench


There really needs to be an Improved Carpenters Bench.




So what sorts of recipes do you think should be possible with an improved carpenters bench?
Sturdier/better looking drawbridges perhaps?
Closed elevators with protective walls that leave you less vulnerable? Trap doors?
Improved sturdier palisades formed of shaped wood?
Log fences(Basically a taller fence made of logs that provides more cover from ranged attacks)


I think if it just having that extra inventory space would be enough for me.


Or just give the standard one more slots.
Especially now we need an extra 2 slots to make a stack of resin into shaped wood.

Or dry wood and oil having stacks of 200.


I can agree, as this bench is the fastest one, it really needs atleast more slots



Just upgrade them in the same manner as the other improved benches. (?)


ikr cant tell you how often i have to make shaped and treated wood



Yeah, I think adding inventory should be the only difference in the improved (along with maybe a better look). But adding palisades and log cabin designs, that take maybe wood and mudd or something, would be a great start to getting rid of ugly noob stone buildings everywhere.


Totally needed for more space and possible new siege items. Maybe a battling ram or cart or plow or something in the future could be made at an improved carpenter bench.